Never fuck with an angry Black man who – has high cholesterol, a big belly, a schizophrenic narcissistic personality disorder, a nephew named Thug Passion, hates watermelon & likes to play with toys.

My point is, well, I really don’t have a point but it is Thursday night & I’m doing my weekly Thursday night jump off so you know I’m sipping on something nice. I have to start my weekend one day early & shit why not.

Anyway tomorrow actually today, Suite Suzy & I are having a childless date & we are both looking forward to it. We are starting off @ my favorite after work spot (the Centaur Bar), then enjoying a movie at the Detroit Film Theater & wrapping the evening at Twingos, which has become one of our favorites places to stuff our pie holes. Oh yeah, I would like to mention that we are going to see a move named “LaLee’s Kin: The Legacy of Cotton“. Yahoo describes it as:

“A vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy plagues the contemporary Mississippi Delta; the legacy of slavery, sharecropping and the cotton industry. In this setting, against imposing odds and extreme hardship, great-grandmother LaLee Wallace, head of the African-American Wallace family, struggles to ensure a better future for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Also fighting poverty is Reggie Barnes, Superintendent of schools in the district. The school district is on probation from the state because of its low performance on standardized tests. But Barnes feels that his teachers face special problems trying to educate the children of illiterate parents, and he knows that if they can break this vicious cycle, there will be hope for the future.”

Saturday I have a photo shoot in the afternoon, I am doing a few models & also some product shots so it will be pretty busy & in the evening, I am covering a store opening. Sunday I am back on the grind packaging Quench Essentials so send to LA for goody bags that will be given out at the Bordeaux (headed by Montserrat Gonzalezlugo (Monet Lugo), couture designer from Hermes and Jean Paul Gaultier) fashion show. More details on that later but I do know that Quench will hopefully touch some A-list skin!

Before I bounce, I had to share a photo of my friend Godwin Rabbit. I took this photo earlier today & love the final result. Check this link out to see what I used for the background. I think it’s pretty amazing.

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