Yesterday in class I had a midterm exam & got 3 fucking questions wrong out of 15 & I missed some pretty easy shit too but oh well, the damage is done.

I hate tests probably like most people, I mean no matter what the test is. At first I seem to forget all that I know, then struggle to pluck all knowledge from my disjointed memory bank.

Luckily, the test doesn’t really count for shit, so I guess I can chill on tripping.

So after I bombed the test, I started thinking about getting home to my camera & new lighting equipment to play around. I came up with this idea to capture myself at my laptop with some fun lights, seems simple enough right!

Now I am home setting up running back & forth hoping my setup is perfect & after about 20 minutes of tweaking, I am set to go.

This is the end result of my post exam fuck up. I took about 15 shots & this is my favorite of them all. Mindspill

I guess by coincidence I look melancholy but I love the way my lips look… I know I am a narcissist!