Recently I purchased some lighting equipment to step my photography game up just a little bit. The items arrived last Thursday but I was very busy and could not play with anything this weekend because I was covering the opening of the opera season here in Detroit.

Yes, I went to the fucking opera for the 1st time in my life & it was fucking awesome! The opera I saw was Cyrano & the world premiere jumped off in Detroit this past Saturday.

Friday I attended the opera ball as a photographer representing the Detroit Fashion Pages & this event was fucking awesome (am I saying fucking awesome too much???). 1st of all, the tix were 600 bucks & luckily I was able to partake in all of the luxury & let me tell you, it was very luxurious.

Saturday, as I mentioned was the opera opening & I enjoyed every minute of it. The music was phenomenal, the costumes spectacular & everything else was just unreal. I guess the most unreal thing is the fact that I had a box seat in the inner circle. Seated next to me was local Detroit royalty. The current & former mayor & a whole bunch of mutha fuckas with all kinds of money.

After the opera, I attended the gala dinner, which was also 600 bucks per plate. This event was off the chain as well. The food, drink, & networking was plenty & yes I was working while having the time of my life.

At the risk of being ghetto as hell, I was able to sneak my BFF BFB in & he also sat in the box with me after intermission & attended the gala dinner. BFB had a ball & said one of his life dreams came true that night. The dream was to attend the opera at least once.

So between the two $600 a plate dinners, the Detroit Opera House was able to raise 3.5 million dollars. YES! You can see photos from both events here.

Anyway back to what this post was supposed to be about. Tonight when I got home from the plantation, I set up my lighting shit & went into the back yard for some photo fun.

Here is my favorite picture out of like 60. I got this chair from Ikea a few months ago in the “as is” area & have not used it since I got it home. Well I guess tonight I found the true reason why I was compelled to buy this somewhat useless red chair. Mindspill

When I was going through my photos, I was thinking to myself, if I could have one person fill this chair for a once in a lifetime portrait, who would it be. After careful thought, I said, I would love for my grandmother who was known as mommie by all to be staring back at me through my ebony colored lens. I would give anything to see mommie for the slightest of a second. Even better would be to capture her in a photo that I could cherish forever the same way I cherish her memory now.

If you were the photographer & this was your empty red chair, who would be your dream to photograph & why come.