First off, I am excited to announce that I won a “Motif’d Challenge” in one the Motif’d Challenges Flickr group today for a photo that I took during my birthday dinner date with Suite Suzy. I love this Flickr group & it’s one of my favorites! Mindspill

What you see here is the marvelous lemonade cake topped with a lemon gummy wedge & fresh raspberry served with fresh strawberry sorbet. This is a periodic desert served at Gratzi Ristorante downtown Ann Arbor, MI.

Secondly, I was contacted by my boss Niki Johnson, the publisher of the Detroit Fashion Pages (my side photography gig) & was asked to come on board as the new Photo Editor.

OMG, when she asked me, I was like damn, I’m really just a Nigga with a camera & a dream but I guess I am much more (we both laughed!!!).

After the terms are worked out, I will make my final decision & move from there. From our initial conversation, I am thinking YES, YES, YES. And yes, I will still keep my fulltime job, shit I need benefits up in this bitch.

So after all this jumped off I called Suite Suzy & Cousin Dee to share my news; they were excited for me. After I had lunch, I gave Cousin Dee another call & told her that she was talking to a real winner, she then said fuck you & hung up in my face. Aren’t best friends great!

Anyway, now I can afford to get another $18 water bottle!!! LOL

Last but not least, I did my official non ghetto photo shoot for an article article published in the Detroit Fashion Pages last week & had so much fun working with the crew & the subject. Today I got the email that the piece was online & I got so excited to see my images coupled with the journalism.

If you are interested in knowing about a rising Detroit mover & shaker, please check out the piece on my girl Melinda Anderson.
———————————————————– MindspillInside Look at Melinda Anderson
By: Nicole Brown

As the Michigan Opera Theater opens a new season with the world premier of “Cyrano”, Dr. David DiChiera’s original opera, there are tons of preparations underway to ensure that patrons experience the French provincial countryside from the beginning of their three day journey to the end. Heading up the design of the opening weekend’s events is event designer extraordinaire and industry veteran Melinda Anderson of Colonial Party Event Rental.

If the name sounds familiar it should. In the past five years, Anderson has taken the event world in Michigan by storm by transforming local venues into flights of fancy using her signature dashes of bright, bold colors and utilizing lights in unique ways. Most recently patrons who attended the Michigan Opera Theater’s Encore group’s Bravo Bravo! event, which Anderson chaired were privy to not just another fundraiser, but a multi-sensory extravaganza. This year’s event which included the traditional restaurant and bar buffets provided by the area’s leading restaurants, but featured a wide variety of Metro Detroit talent including three DJ’s, two bands, a violinist, a singer, a psychic duo all inside of what seemed to be the biggest club in the world. Using modern furniture, lighting, a dizzying array of flowing fabrics and a volunteer staff of 100, the Detroit Opera House ceased to exist that evening and the ultimate home of cool was erected. Read More Here