To follow up to my “Getting Broke & Finding Inspiration” post, here are a few shots from tonight’s dinner, which featured the purple artichokes. Suite Suzy found a pretty easy recipe online today so we gave it a go.

Basically, cut the stem & top of the artichoke off, cut off the top of each outer petal then rinse thoroughly under running water. Once clean drop into salted boiling water, add a few lemon wedges. Lastly, boil for 45 minutes. Mindspill

Once boiled, drain artichokes and spoon butter/margarine over the top of the artichoke. When butter is melted & the artichoke is cooled, serve. I chose to cut it in half & added salt & pepper to taste. Mindspill

I also prepared my famous garlic fried chicken strips and Basmati rice to complete the meal.