Like most Negroes I know, I defended Marion Jones & lifted her up when she denied abusing steroids during the Sydney Olympics & after. In my eyes, this sister just could do no wrong & she had the best Nike commercials!

Over the last few years, I was proud of how she stood her ground & was never proven wrong by way of physical evidence of being hopped up on performance enhancers.

So over the past few weeks, the controversy popped back up in the media & then the big surprise admission that she was doping. I remember I was driving home from work listening to NPR the evening when the news dropped. I was so fucking shocked that I peeped on myself a little bit.

Lately, I have just been so disappointed in her as a viewed her as a powerful black woman , role model, super athlete & a symbol for triumph. Today I view her as a liar & junky & my feelings got a little more intense when I heard her little admission first hand on NPR’s Fresh Air.

She was sobbing & shit & noted that she will be returning each medal that she won blah, blah, blah. During all of her rambling on, I blurted out, YOU ARE A FUCKING LIAR! WHAT I AM I GOING TO TELL MY DAUGHTER WHO ENJOYS TRACK & FIELD? What will I tell Olivia? Mindspill

Now that I calmed down somewhat, I really feel sorry for Marian. She is losing everything because she decided to cheat (she made her own bed). Her image is forever tarnished, she has let down so many in the track & field community & she is facing at least 6 months in the slammer. What will I tell Olivia?

Well I know I am possibly being a little dramatic but I hate, hate, hate liars & cheats. During Marion’s admission statement she mentioned that she loved track & field, which I now think is a fucking lie. If you love something or someone, you would not do anything to tarnish, abuse it & run around telling bold faced lies.

During dinner tonight, I will lead a discussion on being honest in all you do & staying true to yourself.

Lastly, as I get older & see so many Negroes fall from grace & get busted doing some foul shit. I am no longer going to defend them & wind up looking like a fool by the time all is said & done. Mindspill

The 1st photo is of Olivia doing the long jump & the 2nd is of her with her 4th place medal. Suite Suzy & I are so proud of our little track star. The funny thing about her win was just before she won, she hoped that she was at least in the top 5th place.