I have class on Wednesday & yesterday like any other Wednesday, I was running late as hell. I rushed into the building & hopped on the elevator at floor 1 cuz taking the stairs was not a good idea with my ankle all flared up.

So I’m standing at the back of the elevator trying to get my mind right for tonight’s lesson when it stopped on floor 2 where a few more people got on. One of the ladies (Special K) entering was a former co-worker & a member of the church that I left.

So immediately I say hey Special K, how are you & gave her a mini elevator hug. She was like hey stranger how are you??? I was like fine & wow, I just saw your son (Precious Flame) a few days ago at a show in Detroit.

When I mentioned her son, her tone changed & she switched the subject to ask why I have not been to church. I told her that I fell of & would not be back. She lovingly told me that I needed to come back with my kids & get back into the swing of things. At this moment the elevator stopped we said goodbyes & she got off.

I was so happy she was not going to my floor because I was not mentally ready to deal with a Jesus judgment from a high belting choir member. So when the door closed I let out a big sigh & the young lady to the left of me laughed & said I know how you feel.

Moments (how long is a moment anyway) later, I get off on my floor headed to class & wondered why she did not acknowledge the fact that I said I ran into her baby Precious Flame whom she used to brag about at work all of the fucking time. Then I started to wonder if she did not go there because of a sexy secret.

You see, when I ran into Precious Flame, he was like hey gimme a hug, how are you & was VERRYYYY flamboyant etc. In a non offensive way, I am saying he was gay as all get out & 2 finger snaps away from doing the “Men on Film.” segment on “In Living Color”. We did a little small take & said goodbyes.

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Could Special K be ashamed of Precious Flame because of her love for the church???? And why does she think I need to get my ass back at Bethel AME to listen to the words of a pulpit pimp (he really isn’t, I just wanted to say that in a sentence LOL). Maybe I am over reacting but.

I am not mad or hating on Special K because I think she is a beautiful person; just kinda tripping on the precious Flame piece & her desire to see me at church.

When I was caught up in a Christian Matrix, I never judged or guilt tripped people to get them in the pews. I guess I will forever wonder why so many Christians do this & think that it’s ok.
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