Yesterday Suite Suzy & I took the day off work to go on a “keeping the love alive” date. If you have kids, then you know how hard it is to get quality alone time! Our plan was to go to the Toledo zoo for their butterfly exhibit & a little lunch. The plan was in full effect as soon as the girls were out the door for school & day care.

So about 1030, we hit the freeway for the 50 minute drive & jammed to Jill Scott on the way (I’m infatuated with this CD). It was a really good drive, traffic was smooth & there were no kids in the back seat. What more could I ask for???

Once we got the zoo, Suite Suzy led us to the polar bear exhibit with the quickness. She missed seeing the baby polar bears this summer because there were too many people crowding her & the kids out. We enjoyed the babies for a bit & it was really fun watching them frolicking.

Our next stop led us to my favorite spot; the aviary. We always enjoy this stop & all of the beautiful birds, especially the birds of Africa section. The birds of Africa section is cool because the birds are like out flying around you & sometimes perching on you as you walk through.

After watching the feathered beauties, we headed to the ape exhibit so that Suite Suzy could see her “buddies,” as she calls them. I like seeing the primates but they STANK, especially when it is hot out. Lastly, we hit the butterfly exhibit. Mindspill

When we finally arrived at the butterfly exhibit, we were briefed on the rules of the exhibit, then the guide opened the door & all I saw was bright light & butterflies fluttering all around. I was really loving it & we were acting like kids in a candy story, all amazed and shit. We enjoyed the exhibit for about 30-45 minutes then left. As we were leaving the building we saw a sign advertising another butterfly house nearby that had more species. At this point I started to beg Suite Suzy to go & I mean, I really had to beg because she was planning on getting a pedi before the kids got home. Eventually, she gave in & I pulled out the trusty iPhone to get directions.

About 30 minutes & 12 bucks later ($6 entrance fee), we arrived at the Butterfly House of Whitehouse. When we actually got into the butterfly house, I was amazed at the large butterflies all over the place. It was like a rainbow was flying all around us. We again acted like kids in a candy store with all of our ohhhhhs & ahhhhhhs. It was really cool to have butterflies land on us & not rush away. I wish there was something like this near Detroit so that I could enjoy these small wonders whenever I wanted. We spent a little over an hour at the butterfly house & bounced to get back on the freeway so that Suite Suzy could get that pedi & for me to get the kids & cook dinner.

On the way home, we starting planning our next outing, which may be in Nov. Right now we are thinking of the local hot tub garden but I need to check my vacation balance before anything is inked in.

It was a beautiful day spent with my boo! Mindspill

If you would like to see more of my snapshots from the zoo & butterfly house, please visit my Flickr page.