OK, so last night was my party & I am still on cloud 9 with good feelings. Suite Suzy & I worked our asses off to prepare the house & the food so this morning we are chilling taking it easy especially with the kids away.

13 of my closest friends were able to make it for food, drinks & shit talking galore. The food was on point of course but I was I wish I took pictures before things got hectic.

Basically we served fried chicken wings, Belgian waffles, chorizo empanadas, spinach & cheese mini turnovers, Suite Suzy’s famous caramel cashew brownies (my absolute favorite), & my wonderful vodka berry punch.

The party jumped off a little early when BFF (best friend forever) BFB (best friend Brion) showed up early with balloons (a good friend brings balloons). Later the rest of the gang blew up the spot & the party was jumping. We ended around 2 & for the 1st time, the house was not totally trashed & I was not fucked up on a liquor based high (no hangover today!!!).

The best surprise of the night was when I opened my gift from Zana & saw a limited edition Godwin Rabbit doll. I 1st saw the doll in her hip-hop shop last week & asked to buy & she told me no & I begged my ass off but the answer was still no. Later I got home to see if I could get one online & the answer was no cuz it was nowhere to be found. So I will cherish this gift always.

My punch was a big hit & I had to make 2 batches, I mean we were sucking that shit down like it was going out of style. I am happy to report that none of my guest were pulled over & charged with a DUI.

Friends at the party all asked the recipe to my punch & I shared it but of course with no measurement cuz I just pour so I thought I would mention it here.

Vodka Berry Punch:
– 2 cartons of Minute Maid “Cherry Limeade”
– 1.5 cups 100% pomegranate juice
– 7-up for fizz
– Very generous splash of strawberry Stolichnaya
– Splash of Chambord
– 2 bags of fresh frozen mixed berries

Here is the little thank you follow up that I sent out to my friends this morning after waking up to NO HANGOVER.

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

Anyway, I’m out & thanks for all of the well wishes!