This past Saturday, my oldest daughter Olivia (click this link) & I hung out at the Peoples Art Fair in Detroit. The goal of the day was for us to both take some awesome pictures, chillax, people watch etc.

The art fair was awesome & there was so much to see, actually some of it was too much to see but you know how art is.

So we are making our way around slowly & I notice someone trying to get my attention, then when I was with it & looked up, I saw it was my blogging/online friend & fellow photographer Dr. Lester K Spence. He was there with the same purpose as us.

This was an awesome surprise cuz I hardly meet or see online friend in the flesh.

We had an awesome time chatting about people, life & photography, I wish I could do this more often with other like minded people. My new love (photography) is such a bridge builder!!!

While at the Art Fair, I notice several local photographers peddling there photo wares which gave me a shot of confidence cuz now I know I can do it. So next summer, watch out Detroit, I am coming to sale my shit!

Lester, how was that reunion??? Olivia wants to know!!! LOL

Anyway, here is my one of my favorite shots of the day which I think had a subliminal message. Mindspill

What does this piece say to you? My first thought was like, wow, a black child holding the key to the future.

You can see my other shots from the art fair on my Flickr page here & you can see Lester’s shots here.

Olivia’s shots are coming soon & she cannot wait. For now, I need to do this damn paper!