So in my “Apple iPhone: Maybe it’s Just Me But…” I talked about the racial challenges I observed (some said imagined) in Apple’s advertising campaign for the iPhone & pretty much decided not to get one.

Getting an iPhone was really not going to happen after I purchased my Nikon D40 (which is now on sale on eBay because I get a bigger better camera; the Nikon D80). I have really been blowing my personal budgets!

So anyway, last Wednesday Apple announced the new iPod Touch which looks so fucking awesome & it has some of the same features of the iPhone. The price was Negro friendly at 399.00 so I was like fuck it, when it comes out I am going to get it, especially seeing that I did not have to change/update my AT&T contract.

After I read a few more blogs, I read more Apple updates & specifically speaking, the new lower priced iPhone (OMG). Initially I was like what Negro is going to spend 599.00 for a damn phone, shit that is just too out of the box. Now the iPhone is very friendly for the Negro budget @ just 399.00 for the 8GB model.

Wednesday afternoon I called Cousin Dee to talk about this juicy tech tidbit & after some seriously intense conversation about what I should do, I had decided to just get the new iPod touch. I decided on the iPod Touch because I could really use all of the other features, such as contacts & calendar, I am a PDA slave (I currently have a Dell Axim X30, which is now on eBay). Later in the day I flipped the script & decided to go with the iPhone then called AT&T to find out about the plans. I winded up talking to some woman who really turned me off & made me say fuck it (again).

Once I got home from class, the new iPhone/iPod Touch were on my mind & I could not shake it. Shit I even dreamed about it.

So in the am when I got to work I did a little more reading about it & called AT&T back to get better clarification on the plans. This time I was happy with what I heard & talked to someone who had their shit together. Basically, all I would have to do is add 20 bucks to my plan & sign a new 2 year contract. The contract was no big deal because I have been an AT&T customer you years. With the package the rep put me up on it would only cost me 79.99 per month, I get 200 text messages per month (I probably only use like 10 per month), unlimited web browsing & I still keep my 1100 peak minutes (YES!!!).

So on my lunch break, I ran my big ass over to the mall so I could hit the Apple store (working across the street from the mall can be a dangerous thing for someone like me). Once I walked through the door, I ran straight to the iPhone & soon a salesman greeted me & asked if he could help. I was like hell yeah, I want an iPhone but I’m torn on what to do, so…. At this pint he proceeded to tell me of the price drop, which I knew about on the 8GB version. He also informed me of new price of the 4GB version, which is only 299.00 while they have them in stock as they are being phased out. This was music to my ears & I quickly said, ring me the fuck up. 10 Minutes later I was on my way back to the office with my iPhone in hand.

Once I sat at my desk, I called Suite Suzy to break the news & too my surprise, she did not go off on me. Later in the evening, I set-up my new iPhone 4GB & fucked around with it trying to figure out the features. After about 2 hours, I was a pro.

I need to mention that another factor that helped influence me to go iPhone was the fact that I saw a “minority” (Asian man) demoing the new iPhone touch. Maybe Apple does care about marketing diversity. Mindspill

Now that the iPhone is more Negro budget friendly, do you think you will be getting one?