I’ve been away for about a week & missed posting but life had me tied up big time. Family, school, work & photography have consumed me so I have to make a time adjustment so that I can keep up with the Mindspill.

So I am back with a food post cuz it is about time. Tonight I cooked Sunday dinner for the family & Suite Suzy had agreed on spaghetti. We have not had a good pot of spaghetti in months so I was a little hyped to eat one of my favorite dishes.

I will not bore you with the details of how to make it because, if you are old enough to read the shit I talk, then you are old enough to know how to cook a damn pot of spaghetti (in my case a wok of spaghetti. I told you I cook everything in my wok).

One thing that I will mention is that I use, whole roasted garlic cloves, fresh veggies, ground round & I never over cook my pasta (8-10 minutes). Wait, when I read the words “ground round”, I think of that episode of “Good Times” when Gertie used ground round for her meat loaf but the family thought it was dog food.

Anyway, the end result was a wonderful bowl of perfect pasta with delicious steamed broccoli. Another great meal under my belt!

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The one cool thing about us cooking pasta is we get to use our cool Pottery Barn Vintage art pasta set, which we protect like gold.