Last week in Detroit, I was at the African World Festival as part of a photo assignment as I mentioned here before. Towards the end of the day on Saturday it started to rain & thunder but that did not deter eager Charlie Wilson fans from attending a free concert!!!

So since I was on assignment, that meant that I had back stage access, which is a first because I usually bullshit & sneak my way past guards.

Anyway, it’s now 10pm, raining big time & Charlie Wilson hit the stage rocking some rhinestone jeans, matching yellow white & a cool hat. Now I am in action moving across the bottom of the stage taking pictures & enjoying the music etc.

As I am getting some great shots of Charlie’s performance, I could not help but notice that he had these little black beads dangling from the back of his head under the hat. Then bang, before I know Charlie Wilson hit the stage humping it asking the ladies in the crowd how many of them wanted to take “Charlie Wilson” home tonight (the ladies were screaming the asses off at this point).

For the next 2 to 3 minutes Charlie kept on screaming, moaning & groaning as he fucked the stage then his hat fell off revealing a doo rag that matched his yellow rhinestone shirt. Once the hat was off, it was clear that homeboy was rocking beaded cornrows. Mindspill

At this point, I was like hell nall, his ass is too old for fucking doo rags & cornrows!

I got a few more pictures then I bounced before the rain got worse.

On the way home I questioned myself during on internal discussion on how old is to old for the thug passion look (doo rags & corn rows).

I told my friend BFB about it & he said ain’t no telling what his head looked like under that doo rag & we both laughed. He would not pin down an age on when this look was in appropriate so I guess we will save this conversation for a latter time.

I asked Suite Suzy her feelings on this & she says “after 40, it’s ghetto & boyish”, then she changed this to say maybe 35 is the cutoff.

Lastly, I contacted Cousin Dee’s boo the “Yellow African” & asked him when this look was out of line. After he stopped laughing he came around & said 42. I then asked if he felt that there was a socioeconomic component to the thug passion look (just for fun) & “he said of course”.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on men 30+ with cornrows and doo rags in general. Fella’s if you are rocking cornrows and or doo rags & you are over 30, please help me understand. Mindspill

BTW, I love cornrows but think after a certain age, men should call it a wrap & opt for locs an afro or something other than. I mean look & Flavor Flav & R Kelly (child molester) for example…