Mindspill I was not going to say anything here about Common’s new CD “Finding Forever” because so many sites have deep intense posts about the album. On the Mindspill I prefer to post about music that needs to be heard but hard to find. I love “discovering” & putting people up on Indie artist.

Like a true Negro, I had been listening to “Finding Forever” for weeks before it came out thanks to some of my favorite Black gossip blogs but eagerly awaited the release so that I can fully support Common.

The day the album dropped, I left the job (on break) to cop the CD (+ I copped “300“). When I got back to the office, I popped it in & jammed all day. A well spent 12.99.

Commons’s music to me is what hip-hop is! Finding Forever is not packed with misogynistic messages or full of bling & self-glorification etc.

My favorite song hands down is “U, Black Maybe”! The beat is cold, the lyrics are powerful & reaching + the hook by sung by Bilal is banging.

Yesterday I was driving to pick up lunch & repeated the song like 5 times before I got back to the plantation. I am not sure if they are playing this song on the radio but if not, they need to because there are many people in the community trapped in a Matrix of self-hate, self-suppression etc that need to hear a message that seeks to uplift & inform.

Of course I know Common is not the only brother out there that is seeking to change the game but he is on majorly on my radar. Perhaps in a few weeks I will be feeling Talib Kweli & his new album “Eardrum” after I get over how incredibly stupid he sounded during his latest interview on News & Notes with Ferai Chideya.

Back to Common: Do you have “Finding Forever” is so what are you feeling right now on it? If you don’t have it, what they hell are you waiting for???

Before I pour my 1st glass of wine tonight; I leave you with:

“Can’t come around
They gon’ wanna bring you down
No one knows just what’s inside
Doing dope and doing time
Why they messing with your mind
Black maybe

I heard a white man’s yes
Is a black maybe
I was delivered in this world
As a crack baby
Hard for me to pay attention
And I act crazy
Gotta get over from the tip
I watch the fat lady sing a song
On how we guerillas in warfare
And I’m the kingest kong
They say we dreamin wrong
Them same strips that them older cats lingered on
Now the walgreens is gone
Hope is killed fiends are born
We leanin on a wall that ain’t that ain’t stable
Its hard to turn on the hood that made you
To leave We afraid to the same streets that raised you
Can aid you. What other black births came suit
the rage up in harlem and the southside
Brothers is starving with there mouth wide open
Floating across state got the workout plans so they can move weight
The fate of the black man, woman, and child maybe…

…When we talk about black maybe
We talk about situations
Of people of color and because you are that color
You endure obstacles and opposition
And not all the time from…from other nationalities
Sometimes it come from your own kind
Or maybe even your own mind
You get get laughed get looked at wrong
You get sighted for not being strong
The struggle of just being you
The struggle of just being maybe…”