If you missed my ass, well I’m back for a hot minute. Over the past few days, I have been doing a couple of assignments for the Detroit Fashion Pages & lurking on my favorite blogs (are you on my list?). I was kinda too tired to jot any thoughts down.

I’m doing this quick post because I am on my way downtown Detroit to do some photography at the 25th African World Festival. Last night I went to get a sneak peek at the vendors whom some happen to be my friends from the circuit (because of Quench Essentials).

While down there last night, I only intended to get 2 outfits & maybe a Dashiki but things took a turn for the worst financially. I winded up getting 3 outfits, 2 dashikis, 3 lock ties (from Bamboozled out of New Orleans), a sea glass bead necklace & an antique/vintage Agbada. All this for a grand total…. I am too embarrassed to admit the dollar figure. Put it this way, I will need to do 6-8 photo assignments to pay it all off.

The highlight of all of my shopping was getting my wonderful Agbada, which I winded up wearing out. Once I put it on & stepped in front of the mirror, I just could not take it off. First of all, people were stopping by & telling me how good it looked on me & second is because it matched my red, yellow & green Puma’s. So I guess it was meant to be.

I tried to haggle with the Nigerian sister who was here from VA but her & her husband where not having it but gave me a break on the tax so I guess I did OK.

As I made my way from the festival, I could hear people saying look at him, boy that’s sharp etc, which only added fuel to the fire to my over inflated ego. So after the festival I headed to Spectacles to chill with my girl Zana & to listen to her house DJ. This week she was featuring BlackMan who is a true master!

As soon as I walked into the shop with my Agbada on, BlackMan yelled out, Jesus is in the House! Then he was like, what’s up Jesus to me. Everybody including myself was cracking the fuck up at that. So for the following hour or so that I was there, I was Tafari aKa the Black Jesus.

The night ended on a good note with me safely at home giving a West African Fashion show to Suite Suzy & the girls. They only like a couple of the things I purchased but I expected that & I am still going to wear the hell out of it all!

I will be posting a funeral update tomorrow & guess what it was all good & an awesome experience. What to you hear the surprising results. Wait that sounded a little too much like the Maury show.

So before I hit the door running back downtown, here is a snapshot of my Agbada, which is from the city of Dandogo & made by the Yoruba people. The beads are sea glass beads from Nigeria as well. This little purchase set me back a little, so this means my new lens is on hold for a bit.

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

About the Agbada: Agbada is the Yoruba name for a type of flowing wide sleeved robe, usually decorated with embroidery, which is worn throughout much of Nigeria by important men, such as kings and chiefs, and on ceremonial occasions like weddings and funerals. The Hausa name for the robes is riga.

Although today they are often still made from hand-woven cloth, the painstaking and beautiful hand embroidery that was used in the past is very rarely seen. Fine old robes have become family heirlooms passed on from father to son and worn with pride at major celebrations.

In the past prestige robes were traded over vast distances and similar or related garments are found throughout much of West Africa. (Source | Adire African Textiles)