Today I have to run to Cleveland for the funeral for one of my brother’s (Topot) cousins (we have different dads). His cousin ws murdered by her babies daddy a little over a week ago & there has been much drama surrounding this as you can imagine.

You see my brother has some mental challenges & sometimes I just have to do what I have to for him. Shit, I really do not want to make this trip but I have to + my mother ran a guilt trip on me.

What is making this trip something that I have to do is because Topot’s dad was released from prison after years for murdering a man who was looking at his “lady”. He shanked this mutha with a knife in the name of ghetto love. Now he is reformed I guess.

Anyway, my brother has not seen his dad since 1978 (meaning since he was 2). Over the years, that have talked a few times & my brother has longed for a relationship.

Since his release, my mother is acting like she wants to see him more than anyone. It kinda nasty, but I can hear in her voice that she may want to break off that for old times piece.

What makes this extra fucked is that he (oh yeah, his name is Sir Skip) tried to kill my mom like twice & used to beat the living hell out of her during their marriage. I never witnessed any of this but heard the horrific stories. And now she wants to skin grin up in his face.

I swear sometimes I do not understand woman who suffer(ed) from Stockholm Syndrome especially my own mother. (end of family drama rant)

Totally switching topics now, last week I was at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair taking some shots for fun & spotted several interesting things & people. On of the most interesting things I saw were this little strange knit cats.

They were kinda scary & fun but not fun enough for me to buy one! Mindspill

So you know I am gonna ask you to caption this. Let’s say in 5 words or less.

Ohh, ohh, me first: Give me Fancy Feast bitches!
Wait, I have one more: I am one dangerous pussy!