Mindspill I kicked off my weekend early so I could hit the movies to catch up on what I have been missing over the past 2 weeks. So I started off by seeing “Talk to Me” starring Don Cheadle. I was so excited about the release of this film & my hopes for a quality story were set very high. Talk to Me tells the story of DC radio DJ and community activist Petey Greene in case you are not in the know.

Talk to Me was excellent in way of story line & character development but some of the content was somewhat over the top even for me. For instance, they said Nigga probably more times that I have said it in my whole damn life. After about the 100th time, I was tired of hearing it. And then there was the sex pot love interest “Vernell” played by Taraji P. Henson. While I enjoyed her over the top persona & overt sexuality, I just kept thinking about the hypersexualization of Black woman that seems almost consistent throughout many films.

Over all, this movie had me wanting to travel back in time so that I could see the DC of then. The community seemed so strong & so aware of who they were (yes, I know this is was not unique to DC). I was taken on an emotional ride when DC went ablaze (1968 riots) after the announcement of King’s death. Seeing a race riot played out on screen really opened something up inside of me. I just wish, we as a people could have then & now, channel(ed) anger and hurt into productive ways without destroying our neighborhoods etc.

My bottom line on this film is that you should go see it! It’s a quality film, the acting is superb & we need to support these films if we want to see more like it.

After the credits started to roll, I made a mad dash to the box office to get a ticket to see the “Bourne Ultimatum” starring Matt Damon. I have been a fan of this franchise since jump & this latest addition definitely made the series a true winner. Mindspill The Bourne Ultimatum was all action all of the time, leaving me with little time to open up my Skittles because I did not want to miss anything. This film had all of the elements to appeal to my needs in an action film, gunplay, bombing, car chase scenes that leave you breathless & good old fashion ass kicking!

Judging the ending, I wonder what’s next??? Talk about a cliff hanger!!!

All in all, I really liked this film will be waiting to add it to my DVD collection!

The only gripe that I have about this franchise is that it is not racially diverse at all. It seems like the only characters of color are assets (assassins) or some fucked up African leader (“Nykwana Wombosi”: “Bourne Identity” 2002).

I would not recommend this movie if you have not seen the previous two films because if you just walk into this now, you will be lost! So I guess add it to your Net Flix queue.

So after this flick, I was about to bounce to go home but then I got a call from Suite Suzy telling me that her & the kids were doing a girls night out at the movies etc & not to expect her. So this meant that I was on my own for dinner (damn!) & had the night to myself. After this bit of news I decided that I would see one more movie to round out my early evening.

Moments later, I was back in line to get my ticket to see “Rush Hour 3” starring Jackie Chan & Chris Tuker. I don’t care what anybody says about the Rush Hour franchise cuz that shit is straight up funny as hell! Mindspill This latest installment was very satisfying with high flying stunts, ass kicking & a little freeky deeky. If you are looking for something deep & intense, then Rush Hour 3 is not a good bet. On the other hand if you want some raw comical humor with a shallow plot, then this is your movie!

My favorite thing about this movie was “Genevieve” played by Noémie Lenoir (one hot high yella sista!). She adds the right amount of sexiness without taking it all the way “there”!

One thing that I have always like about the Rush Hour movies is the diverse cast & the play on racial stereotypes between Chan & Tucker.

After all of this movie stimulation, I headed for Chili’s for some fajitas & still beat Suite Suzy home.
Almost Done
Last night I was scheduled to shoot a party downtown Detroit for the Detroit Fashion Pages but before I signed up to do this, Suite Suzy & I were supposed to be going on a date. So instead of not taking the DFP assignment I decided to work it into out date.

We started the evening off with wonderful intimate dinner at Twingo’s Euro Café. For my meal, I had the stuffed pan seared pork loin (stuffed with gorgonzola, dries cherries & pecans), whipped herd mash potatoes & steamed broccoli. The meal was on point!

After dinner, we headed to the Buzz Bar (the assignment) a little early so that I could check out the lighting etc.

Well we pull up & the place looks dead as hell & I am like WTF. We walk in to find out that the event was canceled!!!! I was a little pissed off cuz my gas & time are not free!!!!

After talking to the bar manager, I was able to get a few free drinks, which chilled off my pisstivity & I ran into a few friends so that was cool. Mindspill So after my first drink, I asked Suite Suzy if she wanted to hit a movie. Before she could say yes or no, I was on the line getting show times for “Stardust”. It’s not 10:50ish & the next movie started at 12:05. This means that we had to make a mad dash to not be late.

15 minutes later we were back in the car headed back to the country to see this supposedly exciting film. I mean this film was being hype for past 2 weeks so I was hoping that it would live up to all of the kudos.

Well put it this way; Stardust was off the fucking hook! It not only lived up to the hype, it was better than the hype! I really love fantasy films & Stardust is a shining example of what a fantasy film is all about; folklore, witched, unicorns, flying vessels mystery adventure & a little cross dressing (I wonder what LGTB are saying about Robert DeNiro “alternative” character???)

I was a bit turned off that there was only one obvious person of color in the whole film but I guess it was somewhat a period film set in England.

I am getting tired of typing so I am going to stop hear & tell you to just see this one. It takes you to another place & makes you not want to come back & I think I may see this one again later this week.

I had a great movie infused weekend!!!

Did you see any of the films, if so what were your thoughts?
Check out the official trailers:

Talk to Me
The Bourne Ultimatum
Rush Hour 3