Three years ago, I purchased a “Luna Red” (burgundy) Dinner Plate Hibiscus aKa Disco Belle Hibiscus plant for accent color in one of my front yard gardens. Over the past three years, the plant has grown nicely & every August, I get excited waiting on the giant burgundy blooms to add a splash of color.

So about a week ago, the blooms started & they are bigger than ever & the plant is huge this year. Mindspill

Today, one week since the blooms started, I am walking out the door to get into the car & happen to look over at the hibiscus. To my amazement, I see this huge white mystery bloom shining brightly in the morning sun.

I walked up to it & fell in love with this little white surprise! This bloom actually looks like the “Crown Jewels” variety of the Dinner Plates. So I run back into the house, grab my camera & take a few snapshots. This really set my day off in the direction. Mindspill

Dinner Plate Hibiscus Info: Unlike any other flower in the garden, hardy hibiscus offer us flowers that are both huge and delicate, as if they were fashioned from crepe paper. The flowers range from a petite 3 or 4 inches across to the proverbial dinner plate, 8 to 12 inches in diameter!

These are great showy plants late summer blooming, add fun & lots of bright color.

Botanically these plants are Hibiscus moscheutos. They are native to marshy areas of North America and sometimes they go by the common name mallow.