I mentioned before that I basically live in the country & during the fall, the country life is evident everywhere. The nearby apple orchard is abuzz with activity, pumpkins litter fields showing off their wonderful orange hue & corn is everywhere.

While driving the work the other day, I noticed that all of the sudden, the corn stalks just shot up into the air from nowhere. The seemingly ubiquitous fields of tall green and gold plants have a new beauty to me.

So late this evening I decided to go the massive cornfield closet to my home to capture some shots. I was felt kinda weird just walking up on the field because I kept thinking that the children of the corn where gonna pop up & fuck my ass up. Well that obviously did not happed cuz, here I am.

On a related note, thinking about corn, just made me think about the fried corn my Big Mamma aKa Mary Howard (my dad’s mother) used to make. No one has ever been able to match her cast iron skillet full of goodness. Her friend corn (she grew her own) was spicy and sweet at the same time. I used to like watching her peel and cut the corn with some old as dull rust looking knife in my days of innocence. Whenever she made her friend corn, it was always paired with her delicious fried chicken and of course sun steeped sweet tea. Boy do I miss Big Mamma’s cookin’!

Anyway, I really like how the shots came out & it was cool seeing this food product in a very natural state and breathing in the sweet air that came from the field. These shots are just good reminder that summer is almost over!

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