Mindspill Back in the day Suite Suzy and I would steal moments alone in the evening to listen to music, slow dance and wind down.

Last night we counted back and realized that we had not done this since Boo Boo was born, which has been a little over 2 years. The lapse of time was discovered after I asked her to dance with me last night to one of my new favorite songs.

After she accepted my offer, I dimmed the lights, killed the TV and opened up iTunes and hit the play button.

The song we danced to was “Losing You” by Somi. The song has nothing to do with the current state of affairs so don’t get that twisted but I chose it because I find it incredibly sexy and intimate.

During our 5 minute dance, we laughed and hugged like old times; it was so much fun and ghetto romantic. After the dance I wanted another but my ankle started acting up so we retired for the night.

OK, let me get back on track with the point here.

I discovered Somi back in June (07) while listening to News and Notes (my favorite NPR program) and hearing the few clips they played, I determined that this cd was one to have. And soon as the NPR interview was over, I was off to iTunes to drop 9.99 for her “Red Soil In My Eyes” album.

Ever since I copped this, it has been in heavy rotation and I sometimes play the album multiple times. I sometimes become entranced by Somi’s heavy melodic voice, which I find easy to do. I also get caught up into her unique and refreshing Neo Afro Jazz style. I find most of the songs to be complicated and require the undivided attention of a careful listener and real music lover.

My favorite cuts from this production are (click links to listen with Real Player):

Click here to hear other cuts from the album.
A Little About Somi:
She is a daughter of the New African world. Born in Illinois to East African parents, Somi and her six siblings began to shuffle through the life of a diplomat scientist-come-university professor’s family. Thus exposing Somi to stories and music from all over the world. Her lyrically and musically magnificent new album Red Soil In My Eyes is a soulful celebration of her Rwandese and Ugandan heritage that fantastically speaks of returning Home. “But where is home?” one might ask Somi, a young citizen of the world. Well, she has found Home… in her music. “Singing has been a journey of healing,” says the young singer/songwriter, and that is the reason she refers to it as Holistic New African Soul-Jazz. “I want my music to put people in a place of introspective bliss and inspiration. The same place I am when I write. I want people to be touched by music and never be afraid to fully embrace who they are.”

Thus, Somi’s music relentlessly evokes all that is pure, honest, and true. Listening to her exhale a belly full of stories on life, love, and liberation, one is involuntarily reminded of their own private moments of passion. Throughout Somi’s songwriting, her voice soars over, through, and in between nuances of an incomparable musicianship that organically fuses jazz, classic soul, African folk, and rare urban grooves.

Having lived in Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania, Somi was the featured vocalist in the African Globe Theater production of Drums Under the African Sky upon moving to New York City. The early spot led to collaborations with Amel Larrieux, Tsidii Le Loka, Roy Hargrove, Lionel Loueke and Lonnie Plaxico. She gained more attention after being featured in Read More Here.
Back to Me:
If you are a jazz fan and enjoy African rhythms or if you are ready to branch out into something new, I recommend this diverse album without reservation! It was mos def worth my little money and iPod space.

To read more about Somi visit her site:
To hear the News and Notes interview with Somi click here.