To follow up to my “Make That Money Boo” post, I want to share my 1st experience as a paid photographer. If you read the original post, then you know I worked for the Detroit Fashion Pages at the 2nd Annual House Picnic.

Before hit the picnic, I had to run to a BBQ that my girl was throwing to get a Dearborn Sausage (with a little burnt on it) cuz I knew I was not going to have time to eat at the picnic. After I stuffed my face, I hit the freeway & made my way to Belle Isle for business & fun.

So I hit the Isle @ 5 and the party & BBQ was going strong, people looked like they were having a good time. Moments later, I make my way around to see who was there & get a feel for the environment and after I built up my confidence, I set up.

After the 1st 20 or so shots I was in my zone & without hesitation introduced myself & asked groups & individuals if I could get a snapshot of them. It was funny but no one said no & as a matter of fact just before I took their picture, they sucked everything in, perked up & put on their best smiles.

In between snaps I talked shit with friends, danced a little & had a few drinks. I found it really fun getting paid to party but I learned that cocktails, photography & house music do not mix. A few of the shots I took came out fucked up, so I am vowing not to do that again.

Anyway, so last night I submit the best of what I took to meet the submission deadline & nervously awaited feedback. Well this AM I got a message saying that the pictures were good & that they would be online this afternoon (Monday). At this point, I did my bitch scream & called Suite Suzy & Cousin Dee to share my little news.

Seeing my pictures online on someone else’s website was very satisfying & I feel like I really made it happen.

If you are interested in seeing what I saw click here for the goods then click the Detroit House Music Picnic” link. Let me know what you think. Mindspill

Oh wait, I forgot to mention that I was asked to shoot a fashion show next Saturday for a Detroit designer while at the picnic. I am waiting for a confirmation & if this pans out, I see another lens in my future. Watch my smoke!