You are talking to one happy Negro right fucking now. Iā€™m one happy Negro because I just got my 1st photography gig, which is popping off this Saturday in Detroit.

The job is with a new online fashion spot called the Detroit Fashion Pages. The DFP is pretty hot now & host some pretty upscale events in the Detroit area.

A few weeks ago, I had the nerve to call (actually, I emailed) them up to see if they were looking for a “hot” staff photographer/freelancer & after a few emails & some name dropping, I was in.

Luckily I stepped up my game & downsized my pockets to get & another lens (50mm) & flash (SB-600), which is going to come in handy like right away.

Anyway, the event I will be shooting at is the 2nd Annual Detroit House Picnic being held at Belle Isle park. This event is going to call out all sorts of house heads from around the area.

I hate to bore you with another little detail in my mundane life but I had to share this piece. Stay tuned for pics from the event, they should be pretty interesting.

Hopefully next week, DFP will call me to do a few events for Motor City Fashion Week (my fingers are crossed like a mutha!).

Shit, my little portfolio is going from zero to hero pretty quickly. Mindspill