On my last post (“Bygbaby Loves Kids: Honest Eyes“) Blogger “Renea” asked me what a macro lens was. So instead of just answering the question I decided to take a just a bit further.

::Warning: If photography talk bores you, stop here.::

A macro lens is used to take very close shots of subjects such as flowers, products, insect etc. Macro lenses basically magnify what you are pointing at & are able to show lots of details that the naked eye would miss ordinarily.

Based on my research & experience macro lenses only come in fixed focal lengths (non zoom) ranging 50-200mm.

Since I got my Nikon 105mm macro lens, all of my flora shots have been taken with it, which is why they are more dynamic than ever.

My Nikon macro lens comes with vibration reduction, which means that I can take shots at slower shutter speeds & not worry much about a blurred image due to camera shake when I am shooting freehand (w/o tripod). If you are in the market, I suggest get a lens with this option but it does come at a cost.

This lens type is not cheap no matter what brand of digital SLR camera you have so be ready for an investment!

Here is a quick illustration of a macro vs. a wide angle shot (don’t laugh at the photo subject).

Bygbaby.com Mindspill

If you are on a budget & need a macro lens in a pinch, check out this site.

I got this vintage Stanback tin on eBay last week after I did my “Too Through for a Title Post“. I went to eBay just to see what would come up fr Stanback & I was surprised to find this little jewel. I was also surprised to see people actually selling the Stanback powder packs. And to my Goody people, yep, you can find them on eBay as well.

Now I just wish I could find chocolate flavored Now and Laters on eBay (anyone know when this flavor was discontinued? It was my all time favorite!)