Since I got my new camera, I find myself looking at things around me differently. The littlest & sometimes the strangest things seem beautiful when before I would have just bypassed them. I guess after spending all of this money on the camera & lenses, I have formed some sort of 3rd eye. More & more, I am starting to feel the need to keep my camera bag & tripod in the car at all times just in case I get inspired while out & about.

If I had my things in the car this morning, I would have been a little late for work because I found beauty in a small dilapidated barn. I spotted the barn on an alternative route I took in order to avoid 1 of the 3 constructions projects near me & I’m happy I figured out this detour. Soon as I passed it, I was like shit, I need my camera & during the course of my day, I thought about it a few times so I decided to go check it out after I ran some errands after work.

So I get off work & immediately hit the ATM, visited my baby brother (reason for the ATM stop) & headed home to get my shit & hit the road. It’s now about 725pm & I am setting up on the side of the road near the barn & hoping no one says get the hell out of here, or worse (I was kinda in the country where people don’t quite look like me. 20 minutes later I jump back in the car satisfied with what I captured & headed home to look at the real deal on my beautiful Mac Book Pro.

So now it’s just after 830 & I’m at the table slamming down dinner & marveling at what I captured with my 3rd eye. I guess if I had my camera with me this morning, I could have saved myself sometime but in looking back, the lighting was better in the evening + I had time to think about how I wanted to capture it.

I think now, I will do some type of barn series because I do find them attractive especially when they are painted red. Luckily I do not have far to go because barns are all over the place in my neck of the woods.

Here’s a small challenge for you; looking at the image below, tell me what you see in 6 words or less. Mindspill

If you are in Michigan & like barns, then check this event out!