Outside of my visit to the Secretary of State office (DMV), I had a great week. Work was good & I got another little raise, which brings me up to a total of 9% (partly due to my new promotion) this year, I cooked a few good meals for the ladies in my life, I finally updated my Funky Jazz Bygmix Podcast, I saw Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix again but this time on IMAX and it was phenomenal (again but better because the IMAX version has a 3d segment), I got my locks tightened & I look normal by the head now & my gardens have been jumping off.

To continue the good vibes through the weekend, I’m going to the opening celebration at the new Apple store near me (I am a nerd!) then I am getting a “Mankind Pedicure” tomorrow at the Fundamentals Spa (I got a gift certificate there for Fathers Day & it’s Black Owned!!!!!!) & to wrap the day I’m going on a photo expedition with Cousin Dee.

Sunday the ladies & I are heading for the Detroit Concert of Colors & maybe dinner. I’m excited about the next couple of days & hope not to encounter any roadblocks but hey I know shit does happen.

Anyway, as mentioned above, my gardens have just been ablaze with color & wonderful perfume making my visits very delightful. I truly love this part of summer because this is about the time my lilies are blooming & I get to bring more of my own fresh cut flowers to work to brighten my office.

My flowers at work always attracts people to my office to ask questions about my blooms & recently I learned that having fresh flowers make people more happy more often. If you are interested in being happier click here for more info.

Before I retire for the night I would like to share with you my latest garden shots & I hope that they add some positive energy to your day.

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