I have been tagged again by my friend Aulelia & I need to give 8 random facts about myself. Of course if you read my blog, then you know I already tell so much of my business without holding back, which means that I need to challenge myself this time. So on this round of being tagged, I am going to tell you 8 things that bring/brought me joy & makes with living.

Here goes:

  • In July 1997 I became a Flight Attendant after attending a job fair that Suite Suzy made me go to. At the time I was unemployed after being fired from one of the worst jobs ever. I went to the job fair only because Suite Suzy told me that I needed to get out of my funk because if I did not, she was going to kick my ass. This job was the best job I ever had. We only did international trips so I was able to go pretty much all the world & spend time exploring places I would have never went. The only places we did not go was anywhere Africa or Australia so I will be doing these on my own dime & Africa is 1st on the list! Unfortunately the business went out of business but I was going to have to quit anyway because around this time Olivia was born & I did not want Suite Suzy to be state side while I was in Europe living it up.
  • The night my 1st daughter Olivia was born was the single most important life of my night. Suite Suzy & I were lucky enough to have this beautiful child in spite of her dr telling her that she would never have children just 9.5 months earlier. As soon as they presented her to us, I started crying so loud & passionately, the dr.s & nurses sat me down because they thought I was going pass out. Today, this is a big joke & I get teased about it from time to time.
  • As a kid, I remember how my dad used to get his drink on, on Saturday night & jam to his music. He always seemed so happy when enjoying his me time. So now that I am an adult, I have adopted this practice & have my me time on Thursday nights. I jam & blast my favorite jams in the late hours. This is the one night that everyone gives me my space & I love it.
  • I was trying not to state the obvious on this post but I LOVE my gardens. On a daily basis in the spring & summer I am out everyday surveying my blooms & enjoying the foliage. Gardening saves me from being stressed most days because I can bury my troubles in the dirt.
  • I really enjoy eating tropical punch now & laters like you would not believe. Although they do not taste quite as good as they did way back when, when ever I see them at the store I load up. They remind me of when I was in the 2nd grade & had 2 best friends Ricky & Steven (this was back in like 1981). The last time I saw Ricky he was just released from prison for selling drugs & I asked him about Steven & he told me that Steven moved out of town to go to college & this was maybe 15 years ago. I hope that they are doing well & as I sit & reminisce now on the ghetto shit we did back then, I have a huge smile on my face.
  • Cooking fresh from scratch meals for my family is always something that makes me feel good. Sadly since I started having chronic issues with my ankle last year, I cannot cook as much as I use to because I cannot stand for long periods of time comfortable on our floor, which is ceramic tile. When I do cook everyone is excited especially Suite Suzy because she is off the hook & gets a break. And believe it or not, sometimes when I cook, I put on my chef jacket & hat both embroidered with Bygbaby in red.
  • A few months ago I did a post (Only Happy When It Rains) where I talked about how digital art provides me with therapy. On any given night, when I am not blogging (reading/writing) I am creating something for myself or working on something for a client. I really like when it’s for a client because that means a check is in the mail.
  • I really enjoy hearing about the life & times of those in the Diaspora. Hearing about the triumphs & struggles of my people helps me better understand why we as a people need to be solid as one to overcome some of the consistent issues that affect us like poverty, education, living conditions & health care. I also enjoy hearing the history of my brothers & sisters who live elsewhere because it always sounds so exciting once in perspective.
  • This week (July 12th) I will be celebrating my 8th wedding anniversary with Suite Suzy. We have been together for a little of 8 years & have some ups & downs but love has always prevailed. She has seen me through some of my roughest personal moments & helped me through them all. For the last 5 years we have been celebrating our anniversary in NYC & this year is no different & I am looking forward to it because I love NYC!

So to continue the cycle of meme abuse, I am tagging Sugar (Sugar & Spice), Mark (Progress at All Cost), & Darius T Williams (My Journey – My Compass – My Life)