I saw this story online today & almost lost my damn mind. This takes that whole don’t snitch bullshit to another level. I give up trying to figure out the Ghetto Negro mind especially when it comes to watching someone die while you purchase Flaming Hot Cheetos & Mountain Dew while carrying on your phone conversation on a burn out.

Have you heard about this story, what are your thoughts???
Kansas Shoppers Step Over, Ignore Stabbed Woman As She Dies

WICHITA, KS (NBC) — As a Wichita, Kansas, woman lay bleeding to death, at least four different shoppers walked over her as they shopped. One took a cell phone photo and posted it on the Internet.

On June 23rd, a 27-year-old Wichita, Kansas woman lay stabbed and bleeding inside a convenience store.

Wichita police say surveillance video shows shoppers going about their business, not even trying to help or call 911 for a full two minutes.

They won’t release the video tape.

According to the Wichita Eagle, “No fewer than five store patrons stepped over her to complete purchases.”

The video shows the woman “struggling to her feet and collapsing three times without anyone helping her,” and one woman who stepped over the victim four times while shopping eventually took a “photo of her with a cell phone.”

“If people would have been calling us, who knows what the outcome might have been?,” the Eagle quotes Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams.

The victim, Lashonda Calloway died at the hospital.

“It’s sickening, that’s really what it is, it’s sickening,” Calloway’s aunt, Sherry Conner said.

“Not to help her, not to help her, but they’ll have to answer to God, they’ll have to answer to God for whatever they did. Someday, one of their loved ones might need some help and if someone did their loved ones like that, it’s a feeling that’s not nice.”

Psychologist Dr. Molly Allen says a phenomenon called group think may have taken over.

“That’s where if somebody doesn’t step in to render assistance, then the entire group might get the message that for some reason it’s not okay to render assistance or that this is less than an emergency,” Allen said.

Whatever the reason, Conner says it’s inexcusable, only made worse by what she says are pictures taken from that cell phone now posted on the internet.

“It’s not funny and it’s not cute to put a lifeless person on the internet. This person lost her life. She’s got three kids,” Conner said.

The store’s owner said the store was very busy at the time and she doesn’t believe her employee saw that Calloway needed help. (Source)
Back to me:

The person who shanked LaShonda has been arrested & get this, her name is Cherish. I guess that name does not apply to the life of others. This is why parents need to be careful how they name their dam kids.