The post title is inspired by Rick James’ “Ghetto Life” cut from back in the day. As a side note, I remember my mamma having this album cover (“Street Songs”) hung on the wall above the red velvet couch like it was a piece of fine art. As a side note to the side note, I also remember using other album covers as if they were dust pans. This is old school ghetto, I wonder what poor folk without dust pans use now?

“When I was a young boy
Growing up in the ghetto
Hanging out on corners
Singin’ with the fellas

Lookin’ for the cute chicks
Trying to find a bit of fun
Looking for some trouble
Or anyone who’ll give me some

I was young and crazy
In the ghetto
Didn’t know what my life would be
In the ghetto
I was dumb and oh so lazy
In the ghetto
Something had a spell on me
In the ghetto

You wanna know what I’m talkin’ bout?
Talkin’ ’bout ghetto life
Ghetto Liiiiiiiiiiiife

You wanna know what I’m singin’ ’bout?
Talkin’ ’bout ghetto life
Ghetto Liiiiiiiiiiiife”

Today we went to my mamma’s for a family BBQ cook out, which I was looking forward to so that I could see my little nephew “Bay Bay”. The afternoon was pretty normal until my sister “Baby” asked me to come to her new apt to see where she lived. At first I was like why you do not have a lick of furniture, why do you wanna show that off. Then she was like so, I just want you to know where I live. So I said fuck it, let’s go then we (her, my little brother “Topot” & I) piled into my car & hit the streets.

4 minutes later we reached her new crib looking t nothing but white walls an air mattress & a crib. All the while we were there Topot & I kept asking her when the fuck she was going to get at least a damn couch for which she had no answer. Then all of the sudden she disappears comes back into the empty living room with a baby fur coat in her hand.

When I realized what it was, I was like what the fuck, is that a fur coat for Bay Bay? She proudly said yes it is. Then Topot & I were like OK, so your 1 year old baby has a mink coat & you do not have a lick of furniture? To that she quickly said, my boyfriend go this for him as a gift. At this point I was too through & I said let’s go back to mamma’s. Mindspill

Once we got backed, we all joked & laughed & ate our asses off. About an 1½ after we got back, Baby was like I’m about to leave then she started packing up her stuff then she cleaned Bay Bay up & put him on a clean outfit. When we go to mamma’s Bay Bay was barefoot but when Baby got him dressed, he had on a new pair of icy white Air Force Ones & to top off everything, she put a navy blue doo rag on his little head. This made me trip out & ask her why her baby was so sharp but she had no damn furniture & why the fuck is he wearing a doo rag? I mean she had the boy looking like thug passion.

After seeing the shoes & doo rag, I was so disappointed & told her there is no reason for sweet little Bay Bay to be thugged out at the age of 1. Why be sharp in the streets & come home to nothing to sit on!?! She needs to pawn that damn coat & get a fucking cheap couch or at least one damn armchair.

From the looks of things at this point, my sister is contributing to this whole thing of parents thinking sagging pants, thongs, wife beaters, & low cut jeans are cute. What the hell is wrong with these young parents.