Mindspill Well not really but kinda but still not really, for real tho’.

It’s now 48 hours since the iPhone has been released & I have been holding on to my promise not to get one partly because I got pissed off about the marketing & partly because I am broke from spending 1.4k on my new camera & lenses.

I have to admit that I did attempt to stop at the AT&T store in my hood to see what it actually looked like in person but I was too late. I got there @ 7:09 & they closed @ 7:00, I think my timing was perfect because maybe if I saw it I would have gave in.

So after I got home a few minutes later I get a call from Cousin Precious J asking me about eBay & how to sale stuff. He asked all of these questions because he was thinking about buying an iPhone & putting it up on eBay for a little profit (a young Black entrepreneur in the making).

After I gave him the eBay run down, I agreed to sale it for him, only because I am a really good eBay & I have a 100% feedback score. 2 hours later, I posted a 8GB iPhone for sale with the hopes of cashing in on the buying frenzy for Cousin Precious J.

Before I put it up I had to benchmark & what I was seeing was tripping me out! People were paying like 200 & more dollars above the actual cost & many were charging up to 40 bucks for shipping. Talk about making some real fast cash.

As it stands now, I have 2 hours & 43 minutes before my item goes off sale. I have no bids & I’m hoping that I can pull the off for Cousin Precious J. If things go bad, I may have to put this itch back up for another 24 hours but I think the wave is dying down based on the activity that I am monitoring like a fool on eBay.

I knew I would have another iPhone story but not imagine this, so if you are desperate for a 8GB iPhone bid right now & help a Nigga out!