It’s Friday, I’m alive & I’m happy, so I dedicate this day to the Kwajilori. If you are a fan of Roy Ayers then you know who the Kwajilori are.

For those of you not up on the Kwajilori, please know that they are not a tribe of beautiful African people.

Before I actually sat & “listened” to the lyrics of the song, I searched all over like a loser trying to find out what/who the Kwajilori were. Then one day while driving to work slowly, I paid attention to what I had been singing & was like oh shit, the Kwajilori are fictional, which made me laugh at myself.

“The Kwajilori twins are daughters of the sun that came to earth one day. They came so they could play with the children of clay.

So alike were these twins, they shared the same shadow and talked in harmony. The radiance of their smile was almost blinding. The other children found it hard to see their inner beauty but still they laughed and played…”

What sent my day over the top was when I got home & found the UPS man @ my doorstep delivering my new Nikon 105mm macro lens. I ordered it other day & still sick about it (guilty purchase) but I am so happy about it. With this new lens, I will be able to take awesome snapshots of bee & things & flowers especially in the sunshine (can you tell I’m in a Roy Ayers mood). I have promised myself to not buy any more camera related items for at least a year, I just hope that I do not let myself down.

After I & cracked open the box, I ran to the backyard & took all kids of snapshots (I will spare you this time). The image clarity is impeccable & the depth of field that I am able to get is off the map!

Once I got back in the house, I played a little more with the lens; I just can’t get over this brand new feeling. Shit before I knew it 3 hours had passed & I needed to run to the grocery store to get the ingredients for tonight’s dinner before Suite Suzy got home.

Minutes later, I hoped my happy ass in the car popped in my iPod & the 1st song that played was “Kwajilori (Sir Pier’s Mix)” & I jammed to it twice before I grabbed one of the filthiest & wobbliest carts available. 15 minutes later, I get my shit, do the U-scan & I am back in the car pumping up “Kwajilori”.

It’s now 545pm, I’m cutting up green onions & roma tomatoes for Suite Suzy’s Mexican casserole & thinking about how I was going to start this post. Well I guess I figured it out because I did started it & now it’s finished. Mindspill