Since I have been gardening at my current home rabbits have plagued me. These little bastards eat anything that stands in their way including some of my favorite plants. I have tried everything to stop them from spraying spicy concoctions on the plants, sprinkling fox urine around the garden to buying a trap cage etc.

I can’t tell you how many times I have actually chased rabbits in my backyard. In true Elmer Fudd fashion, the rabbit always gets away. So this year I kinda gave up & to my surprise, I had no rabbit drama. None of my Asiatic lilies were not chomped down, my clematis vines were able to actually grow this year with being eaten alive & best of all, there are no little rabbit shit balls all over the place.

So today when I was out back getting new snapshots, I kept hearing this little noise but could not find the source so I just chalked it up to the wind. Then while I was taking one of my last snapshots a field mouse popped out of nowhere & scurried in front of me like grease lightening.

Did the rabbits leave the oasis of my backyard to the mice???

I’m not sure how big of a pest field mice are but as long as my plants are safe, I can handle anything else. Hopefully there is not a large family of them somewhere in my backyard or perhaps my new next-door neighbor is Willard (it may be time for a cat).

Anyway, since I got my new camera, my floral snapshots look even better & I am excited to share with you my shots from today, enjoy!

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