Mindspill Yes, I watched against my better mind & I must say that I was not let down by the show. When I say I was not let down it is because my expectations were as low as a pregnant ants stomach.

I really think BET needs to reevaluate what BET stands for; I mean how many Black people are really entertained by BET. I know I’m not. The lack of credible programming & constant run of tacky videos just does not stimulate me & I actually find it to be an insult on my intelligence.

While watching the show they ran some dumb ass previews of upcoming shows & I thought I was dying when I saw what they were going to be about, especially Hot Ghetto Mess. BET is trying to kill Black people. I implore you to turn that shit off with me!!!!!

So here are my final thoughts on the show.

What I loved:

  • Jennifer Holiday & Jennifer Hudson’s performance although I am sick of this damn song
  • The Diana Ross tribute, specifically speaking Erykah Badu’s rendition of Love Hangover. She tore that shit up & showed her ass. I actually did my bitch scream inside my mind
  • The Public Enemy James Brown tribute performance

What I liked:

  • Beyonce & Ciara shaking their ass, it took the focus off of their talent of thinking they know how to sing
  • Nothing really else, well maybe some of the commercials

What turned me off:

  • 50¢ like a mutha
  • Mo’Nique’s space aged way too tight get ups. I swear I was waiting for a titty & or some back fat to pop the fuck out
  • Lil’ Kim’s face
  • The wack carpet Black carpet coverage
  • Everything else!