Mindspill Last week I was watching one of my favorite stupid movies that pokes fun of race; Undercover Brother & since you read my blog, I just know you have seen it at some point.

In the movie there is one scene that absolutely grosses me out while I am laughing like a mutha fucka & that is the scene when the unprogrammed Brother reluctantly eats mayonnaise drenched sandwich fed to him by the white mans secret weapon the she devil. There were a few other mayo references in the film all pointing to the race myth that white people love mayo, while Black people would rather die than eat sandwich laced with the thick creamy Gonorrhea discharge like jiggly substance.

“If you’re going to fit in to white America, you’re gonna have to learn to like MAYONNAISE!”

Thinking about this food myth got me to thinking why it is out there & also I wanted to poll you to see how you feel about mayo.

I have many friends who absolutely hate it while I enjoy it in salads & sandwiches. Now I’m rhetorically wondering if my like for mayo is a way to make me feel connected with the “mainstream”.

While Googleing I found that a major mayonnaise manufacturer refused to buy commercial time based upon the perception that “Black people don’t eat mayonnaise.” (National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters, Spring Conference, 1997, page 2 of report (FCC | Source))

So anyway, tell me, do you like mayo & what do you think about this food myth???

One the flip side, if you hate mayo, how do you feel about Miracle Whip?