For the past week or so, my backyard has looked like Fred Sanford’s front yard, piled up with all sorts of patio furniture, a BBQ grill, plant pots etc because I was having my cedar deck & gazebo cleaned & weather protected.

Finally, yesterday the job was completed, which means before I head to New York this coming Sunday I have to get off my ass to put everything back where it goes. I am tired just thinking about it but I am looking forward to seeing my summer chill spot looking flawless.

As I was surveying the work today after work, I noticed that I had a burst of red & pink color going on around me in the gardens; so of course I had to take some snap shots (see below).

After I was done taking my photos, I went inside loaded my shots up in Photoshop & fell the fuck to sleep. 2 hours later I woke up abruptly to the ring of the doorbell (Suite Suzy ordered a pizza for dinner) & nearly dropped my laptop, which was still resting on my legs & hot as hell.

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