MindspillSince Steve Jobs introduced the worked to the iPhone @ the Macworld Conference back in Jan 07, I have been anxiously awaiting for them to go on sale.

Yes, I know they are at a minimum going to cost 499 bucks but dammit, I want it! Everyday, I check some of my favorite Mac sites to see if there has been any new news in regards to the phone that will change the face of the industry as we know it. Most days there is nothing but then when there is a memo leak from either Apple or AT&T (you can only get an iPhone if you have service with AT&T), I get excited and the sad part is more often than not, the leaked info is really nothing special. Maybe that is the geek in my jumping out.

Anyway a few weeks ago Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone was going to actually ship/be on sale starting June 29, 2007 & I have been trying to figure out how I was going to fit the so unnecessary item into my budget (I am still trying). To make my desire worse, Apple started airing commercials on TV announcing the iPhone & showing some of the cool features etc, which is making me want one even more.

So today, while bored at my desk, I decided to go to MACNN to see if there is any new news on the iPhone & I see a link to a story that looked interesting, so I clicked it & started to read. Again this turned out to be nothing special but what I noticed was another white hand holding onto an iPhone, which got me to questioning Apple’s advertising strategy. Does this ubiquitous white hand mean that that they are targeting white consumers only.?.

After this is in my head, I leave for lunch (Taco Bell) & call BFB to see what he thinks about this. Basically I ran down the details to him; a) each commercial for the iPhone where it is being held, is being help by a white hand b) each print or web advertisement where the iPhone is being held is being help by a white hand.

BRB’s initial response was that I was over reacting & then he stated that they (Apple) know Ngroes ain’t gone pay 499 for a damn phone. Although I agree that many Blacks will not even bother with this phone, I think that Apple’s campaign should be more diverse. Where are the hand models of color????????

In response to BRB’s claim that I was over reacting, I stated that as a Black consumer who is willing to pay for this, I want to see a goddamn Black hand on the screen, shit make me like others feel included!

By the end of the conversation we were on the same page in thinking & shifted the focus to how the movie industry markets or not specific to Black audiences.

Now I’m wandering if I should get one or not based on their marketing campaign. I know this is not the 1st time in history that there has been an advertising “Black Out” or a perceived one but this is the first time that I have paid attention & feel affected.

Tell me, am I really tripping, have you noticed this & if you are a Negro, do white hand models & lack of advertising diversity get you excited about products that you may want to try?

Wait before I end, I found this on Youtube, which drives my point home on who Apple is trying to market to & why come Samuel L Jackson is the the only Negro, Cameron Diaz the only Hispanic & Ben Stiller the lone Jew out of about 32 people in the commercial?