So to follow up to my “The Other Woman” post, this afternoon, I had my 1st appointment with Freedom to retighten my Brotherlocks.

Well, to make this quick, my appointment was FABULOUS!!! First of all, it only took me 10 minutes to get to her house, second, it only took her 2½ to complete my entire head. When she was done tightening me up, she went through and clipped off all of my frizzies.

When she was completely done, I was fucking awe of her speed and the quality of her service. I was like, I cannot believe that I was missing out on this, I mean, she did my hair literally in half the time!

I actually like the way my locks felt afterward because they were still soft and had some movement/body. More often than not my locks were kinda stiff when “Pam the Silent” did them.

When I left and called Suite Suzy to let her now I was on my way home, she tripped out and could not believe that it was so quick and we both laughed at that.
2½ hours in her chair, I am calling “Can’t Call a Nigga Back” to cancel my future that appointment because I am sticking with Freedom.

Freedom & I really hit it off I just think that our meeting months ago in Wholefoods was just meant to be. It’s strange how time, space & Karma work (if you believe in this sort of thing).

So after I got off the phone I called “Pam the Silent” to break the news about me leaving her for another woman. I got her voicemail and left a message for a call back. Fast-forward 8 hours later, “Pam the Silent” calls me back and I let her know that I was making a move to “Freedom” and told her why. I told her that while our hair relationship was on perma-hold for right now, our friendship would remain no matter what! She thanked me for that and thanked me for letting her no that I found another woman.

She said that sometimes people leave her but they never say anything, they just all of the sudden stop showing up and she never knows why and not only that sometimes if she contacts them they will not respond. I suspect that this is an issue across the hair stylist/service continuum.

Since I talked with “Pam the Silent”, I feel much better and at peace.

Fast-forward 2 hours later, I am home after a quick outing in Detroit (post coming soon) and I wash my hair to be funky fresh for the week. I get out of the shower, towel dry my locks, shake my hair a little and look in the mirror, then I say, damn my hair looks fucking good, but you already knew that (I’m really not that cocky). Mindspill

Side note: Mid post, I stopped to watch the final episode of the Soprano’s and what a waste of time that was. One of the biggest shows of all time goes out without a bang, how disappointing! If you watched, what did you think?