As I type this, I am listening the end of News & Notes on NPR, my throat is started to become sore again, my eardrums are swelling, I have a damn headache & I am kinda pissed off that the bitch ass sheriff in CA let Paris Hilton out of jail way early.

I have been dealing with these ailments for the last 2 weeks & have been to damn lazy to take the time to go to see my Dr. I have just been doping up on Advil & when it has been really bad, I had to pop a Vicodin (legally obtained) or 2 to get to sleep.

At this point, I think I need to make that call to be seen tomorrow. With my luck, it will be the one weekend when the office is not open. I guess I will see in about 12 hours.

Anyway, as soon I hit “Publish post” (if you use Blogger, you know what I mean) I will be popping pills & taking an early evening nap.

Before I crack the pill bottle, I would like to share with you some recent snapshots from the garden. I took these today because I was inspired after seeing one of my lavender plants in bloom with & then I got even more excited when I noticed that one of my Asiatic lily bunches had bloomed vibrant orange petals.

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