My Brotherlocks are a little over 3 years old now & I have been seeing the same consultant (Pam the Silent) since the beginning.

Over the past 3 years, Pam the Silent & I have grown quite close. She is truly a good friend, therapist & most importantly the woman that keeps me looking like me.

Since the price of gas has been slowly going up over the past few months, I have been feeling the need to cheat on Pam the Silent, which really has been bothering me as I have been actively seeking out a new woman to come into my life to keep my locks looking good.

The decision to leave Pam is boiling down to good old fashion economics. The trip to Pam’s place is 96 miles round trip + the 4-5 hours I spend in the chair watching movies & talking. Shit by the time it’s all said & done, getting my locks retightened takes a whole workday. Wait; I just did the math & it costs me $1,976.00 per year to see Pam, this includes hair cost, gas & travel time.

So last week I actively started looking for a consultant & decided to dial up a Freedom, who I met a few months ago at Wholefoods. When I met her I liked her instantly but at that time leaving Pam was not an option but I kept her number just in case. Well now that the option is open after I got off of work last Friday I ran home to get Freedom’s number to so that I could schedule an appointment.

It’s now 6:05pm & I dialing the number somewhat nervously, the phone rings & I get voicemail so I leave a message. Minutes later I go outside to get the mail & as I get back in the house I saw that I had a missed call & had a voicemail. I was like shit, I missed her!

Now it’s 6:09 & I call my voicemail & it was Freedom (I was like yes) but she has a bit of bad news. She told me that she was not taking any clients but referred me to a friend, who I will call “Can’t Call a Nigga Back”. That kinda bummed me out because when I want something, substitutes won’t do. I was like cool, what can I do but call “Can’t Call a Nigga Back”.

It’s now 6:15, I dial up “Can’t Call a Nigga Back” & get voicemail & leave a message for a call back. I just knew she was going to call me back soon but that was not the case. It took her like 2 days to get back with me, which threw up some red flags.

Bottom line; it is 6 days later & we are still playing phone tag, actually the game ended because I will not be chasing someone down if they can’t even call a Nigga back.

So after I got sick of the phone tag this afternoon, I called Freedom to let her know what jumped off & asked what it would take to get her to open up her availability to fit me in as a new client. All the time I was on the phone with her, my fingers were crossed hoping that she would say I can take you on.

Luckily, my finger crossing & hoping paid off because she decided to add me to her clientele & I have an appointment for this coming Sunday.

The cool thing about Freedom is she is only like 15 minutes away (less gas & time) & I hear she is pretty fast. When I talked to her today, she informed me that she finishes most of her clients in 4 hours or less, which was music to my ears! Lord knows I love Pam but she is not the quickest.

So now that I have a new lady in my life, I have to break the news to Pam. I think I will call her after my appointment Sunday. I think she will understand because it is getting hard on everyone one especially in Michigan. Gas prices are stopping me from doing a lot of shit I used to do all the time for business & pleasure. Mindspill


While I was pulling this post together I happened to check my email & saw a message from someone with a familiar name but it had been a few years since we last talked so I was like what the…

So I open up the message I found it was indeed from my good friend & former hair stylist Curtis Griffin. I mentioned Curtis on my blog before in my “Hair Theme” post, which is how he found me. He did a narcisurf (when you Google yourself) & my blog came up.

In his message he called me out & said, “If you’re going to write something about me, get someone to proof read it first.” Y’all now I don’t proofread shit (read my Ghetto Disclaimer) & usually don’t care but all of the sudden I was embarrassed as hell.

After I got over my shock, I call my friend to reconnect & we picked up right where left off years ago. Curtis was my stylist for almost 8 years & saw me trough some major life changes. Not only can this brother give the “baddest” hair cut in Detroit, he is a great friend & yes a great therapist.

The timing of his contacting me was so ironic as I am going though a stylist change. I wonder what the universe is trying to tell me???????

Curtis, if you find this post, I did try to proof read but gave up half way.