Yesterday Suite Suzy & I were vendors at the Ann Arbor 12th African American Downtown Festival for the 1st time.

Although I am a little burned out on vending based on last weeks experience, I mustered up a little strength to pull off this one day event.

So we make it down town Ann Arbor, I pay my booth fee & start to set up my tent etc when a Senegalese man that I have seen in Detroit stops to talk to me.  As the conversation began he explained that he only spoke a little English (French is his 1st language).

My new African friend asked me where I was from & I told him Detroit by way of Alabama.  He then said, I thought you were African because of my clothes, then he asks me if I was an African American to which I responded no. I told him I was an African who just happened to be an American.  He had a puzzled after I said that.  Seconds later one of his partners called his name to leave & he said see you later, still looking confused.

Anyway the rest of the day was great and Quench really made it happen.  This was only our second even in Ann Arbor & Suite Suzy & I definitely see different buying patterns between Black in Ann Arbor and Detroit.

In Detroit people seem to be very cautions with how they spend & saw things like my money ain’t right now etc where in Ann Arbor, they seem to buy readily & buy lots.  Suite Suzy thinks that it is all based on socio-economics.  Well I am not sure but whatever the case is, this event was soooooo successful that we signed up for the Ann Arbor Juneteenth Celebration in 2 weeks.  After this, vending will have to come to a standstill until the fall hits unless there is something really big happening.

Before I go, I ran into some good friends & mentors at the festival &they shared with me that they went to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History for a genealogy seminar.  Part of the seminar discussed DNA testing to get specific African Ancestry results.  Come to find out, they were doing DNA testing like on the spot, so they both bit the bullet & got tested.  They were so excited & I was so excited for them.

My birthday gift to myself is a paternal & maternal DNA test.  I plan on getting tested in August so I can open the results for my birthday (Sept 19). Mindspill