I waned you before that I reserve the right to bore you with pictures from my gardens a few weeks ago so don’t trip.

Today after I left the plantation I headed for a local garden center to get some Red Coral Bells to plant in a shady spot that I am redoing but when I saw what they had to offer I had to change my plan because I was not impressed at all.

So I revised my plan & got 2 Ostrich Ferns, 3 Pink Gloxinias, 2 Black Tropicannas, three big & juicy purple Hen & Chicks & some top soil. I went a little berserk up in there considering I went for one thing. It was kinda like when you go to Target to get toilet paper that is on sale for 12 bucks & you wind up spending 85 bucks & wonder why when you get back to the car.

I was excited to get home to redo my little shade spot (the Tropicannas are not for the shade garden). So now I am home in my garden gear & as I walk up to my work zone, I pass a few of my Irises which are almost spent and quickly decide that I need to photograph them before it was too late. 30 minutes later, I had basically did a photo shoot of all of my late blooming spring plants & I had more going on that I thought.

As I was taking my snapshots, I found a robin’s nest & chick chilling on the back end of my gazebo, which put another sile on my face.

After my photo shoot, I got busy planting my new babies and as start digging holes I kept hitting something hard so I prayed that it was not some gas line or something. Lord knows I do not want to go up in smoke doing what I love. Quickly I find out that I was actually hitting three rose colored boulders that I dug up rinsed off & placed near my other boulders that surround my giant Butterfly Bush. This was a good find big time because I was thinking to myself that I wanted a few new boulders for the Butterfly Bush so I saved my self a few bucks.

Anyway, it is now 830, I am tired as hell, stank & sweaty like a true fields slave but everything has been planted with the exception of the Tropicannas, & some lilies that I had to move from the shadey spot (I have no idea why I planted these lilies in the shade in the 1st place). Tomorrow, I will have to pick up where I left off.

It’s now 915, I am put of the shower feeling fancy free, I spray on some Xeryus & put on my Givenchy lounge wear with the burgundy trim (actually I put on some Quench Body Mousse & sported my Old Navy lounge wear (LOL), for some reason DJ Quick was on my mind.) & head down stairs to eat my burrito that Suite Suzy brought home for my dinner.

I had a great evening in the garden & I am feeling stress free!

Here are a few shots, I hope you enjoy my late spring blooms.

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