In my last post I mentioned that I vending at the Detroit Black Expo all weekend but what I did not mention is that it was the almost the worst weekend ever.

A few things made it bad starting with the fact that I was sick as hell with a sore as throat, swollen ear drums & a headache to top it all off, not to mention that I blew chunks Friday & Sunday night. Being sick could not have come at a worse time.

Secondly, it was bad because since I was working, I could not go to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Sad thing is, even if I was not working the Black Expo, I was too sick to enjoy the DEMF; so sad!

Third, that damn Black Expo, needs to be renamed to the Wack Expo! Suite Suzy & I were excited about this event because we thought it would be a big money maker but it was far from it.

The expected attendance was supposedly 30k but it seemed more like 3k for the entire weekend. Although we had a decent income from this past weekend, I don’t think I would do it again next year. The hours were too long, the booth fee was too high & to be honest, after I saw the itinerary I was like, there is nothing here that would make me leave the comfort of my home or a BBQ to come this Expo.

Luckily I was able to share my booth with one of my vending buddy Trudi from Deaf Options. This was our first time working together and we kept each other sane. Trudi sales hand beaded jewelry made by hearing impaired individuals who live at the home were she works. She also had some fine pieces from Beads & Moore.

Well all of the fun ended with Trudi Sunday evening because she was like fuck this event & she bounced leaving me in boredom Monday. Her sales were not going well enough to make it worth the while to come back Monday & I wished I was in the position to do the same. Since the booth was reserved in my name, if I would have left, I would have been charged like 500 bucks for breaking down early. So since I ain’t fenna pay nobody that kinda money, I just kept my black ass there.

Before the event ended yesterday, all of the vendors were given a feedback survey & I was happy because I had a lot of shit to say. A young lady came to pick it up before I left & she asked me about my experience & like always, I kept it real. After I finished bitching, she had the most disappointed look on her face & really couldn’t say anything other than, “well, you have a safe trip home & thanks for participating”

Life of a vendor can be a bitch and events are so hit or miss it’s a shame. I’m happy that we have a webstore to keep things moving in the right direction. Hopefully soon, we will have some of our products in local stores so vending will become a thing of the past!

The one big thing that saved my the weekend from being totally fucked up was the Moodymann 70’s Soul Skating party @ the Northland roller rink. This skating party was the hottest DEMF after part of the weekend & while I was sick as hell, I was still going.

Before you ask; no I did not skate! My ankle is still healing & now I am having issues with my knee so I was not about to take my chances & fuck myself up even more. I had a good time just watching & kicking it with my superficial party friends (Detroit house crowd (I mean this in a good way)).

Below are a few shots from the weekend.

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PS: I realize this post is boring & somewhat pointless but I needed to get it out.