MindspillHere we go again, another white child has come up missing & this precious cherub (somewhat speaking sarcastically) is getting more media coverage than the war in Iraq & the next presidential election.

While the media coverage is not really a surprise, I am shocked because the missing girl (Madeleine McCann) is not even a US citizen; she is fucking British & came up missing while on vacation with in Portugal.

Her stupid assed parents left the damn girl in a hotel room while they had dinner at the hotel where they were staying. What parent in their right mind would leave a 4 year old child alone while they left the general area to stuff their pie hole. To me the whole story sounds fishy & I bet by the time all is said & done, the parents had something to do with it.

Today when I was watching the “Today Show” break down this story, I was like who cares, it is not like she is in the US, what the fuck are US citizens supposed to do. Don’t we need to focus on finding our missing children??? As with anything else, you need to start at home before you try to help anyone elses ass.

Anyway back to my intended point, this girl is getting attention around the world & currently there is a 5 million reward for her return (not sure if it is dead or alive). To top it all off, the parents met with the fucking Pope for prayer & shit. That blew my mind & I wondered if she is like some kind of Golden Child.

So I guess by now you can imagine where I am about to take this; yes I am wondering why Black children get shunned by the local (not all of the time especially in Detroit) & national media when they are missing.

Some Quick Stats:

  • Approximately 797,500 children of 18 & under are reported missing each year & 203,900 were abducted by a family member in the United States, based on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).
  • 33% of all abduction cases are Black Children
  • U.S. Department of Justice research reports that 65% of the victims of nonfamily abduction are Black

I do not discount or make light of any missing/exploited child, I am just pointing out that we need fair media coverage across the board.

I hate to play the race card on such a serious issue but it is what it is!
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