Last weekend officially marked gardening season for me & damn is my body sore. Wait let me back up a little to give you some history.

My name is Bygbaby & I love to garden, actually I am addicted to playing in the dirt & gazing at beautifully painted flowers that litter my 9 gardens.

Since we moved into our current house my passion for gardening has increased significantly because a) I want to have the best landscape on my block & b) it really helps to relieve stress.

So anyway last Saturday I spent the morning at the Detroit Farmers Market aKa Eastern Market picking out some new perennials (plants that come back annually) and shopping for little garden crafts & I had a ball. To control myself, I only took 100 bucks so needless to say I didn’t get much but I was really happy with what I did get.

Wait again, actually I got 100 bucks but I had to save at least 15 of that for lunch with Cousin Dee.

So with the 85 buck I spent I was able to get an ornamental banana tree, 2 Zebrina plants, 2 Grosso Lavender plants, 4 Fiber Optic Ornamental Grasses, 1 Martha Washington Geranium, 2 giant spikes & lastly, I found a garden artist selling these little mushrooms made out of a gourd bottom perched on a bamboo stalk. I just had to have these little jewels & she was more that happy to take my last.

Damn, after I wrote that out, what in the fuck was I thinking? I spent way too much & barley got anything. Usually, when I go to the Farmers Market, I try to wheel & deal but I think I was so fucking happy that the planting/gardening season was underway I did not care about the prices.

My plan after the market was to hook up with Cousin Dee @ Eph McNally’s with my last 15 bucks for a corned beef sandwich. I always get the #15 (Briggs Stadium) which has corned beef, scallion cream cheese & lettuce (I also add onion) served on pumpernickel (Suite Suzy got me hooked on this sandwich). And after lunch I was supposed to head home to start cleaning out my gardens to get ready for this year. Well that never happened.

After lunch I had a severe case of Niggaitis. Shit when I did get home I had to take me a damn nap, which lasted for a good 3 hours.

When I did wake up, it was too late for me to do any cleaning up outside so I promised myself that I would work on things Sunday.

Fast Forward: So now its Sunday night & I wiped out. I worked in my gardens weeding, clearing out dead shit & planting all that I had brought the previous day.

Fast Forward one mo gin: Its now Wednesday, my back is sore, my ass muscles are spazzing out & I think I fucked up my knee, basically I feel like I have had my ass beat with a bat.

I go through the same pains year after year so I think next year, I will have to do some stretches before or something to get in shape.

From June through September, I spend at least 20 hours a week enjoying & working in the gardens, so I may bore you with my garden photography this year because I am always so proud of what I grow so be prepared from some beautiful botanicals.

Below are a 3 shots from my Lily collection. Currently I have 13 species of lilies that include Daylilies, Oriental Lilies, Asiatic Lilies, & Trumpet Lilies. As a matter of fact Lilies in general are my favorite perennial. This year my collection will be off the hook because the rabbits that live in my back yard have disappeared (I hope they are dead somewhere) & b) I just spent an ass load at the Lily Garden for 12 new Oriental & Trumpet Lilies.

Speaking of pictures, I need to get off my ass & take some pictures of my Lupine & Iris collections, which are in full bloom now.