My last few work days have been pretty intense with cross town mid/late day meeting, which always fuck up my lunch options. When it comes to lunch, I usually take leftovers but for the last few work days we either had no leftovers or if we did, my meetings were so jammed pack, I would not have time for it because I had to eat on the go.

Needless to say, I have made some pretty bad lunch choices so that I could eat on the go & make my meetings.

Yesterday I had back to back meeting starting @ 1230 which means that I only had 2½ hours to get some real work done because I don’t get to the office until 9 & I needed an hour for drive & lunch time.

So it’s now 1130 & I am headed out of the office & the only on my fat ass mind was what the fuck was I going to eat. I had McDonald’s the other day & I was not in the mood for another #1, the thought of Burger King made me want to throw up in my mouth. I thought about Taco Hell but I was not in the position to be farting all day gassing people out @ work.

After all of my intense junk food elimination process I decided to get Sushi from one of my new hot spots; Sadako.

I have been eating @ Sadako for the last few months & they have some really good stuff but their service is on the slow side, so if you are in a rush Sadako is not a good choice. Well I was somewhat in a rush but willing to risk it to get some good food.

After all was said & done I was in and out in 35 minutes; a fucking record. When I eat at Sushi I prefer to eat at the bar because I like watching the Sushi chefs work; it kinda adds to the experience. Luckily I was able to get a spot at the bar today, which helped me get some cool shots of Sushi chef Yoshi @ work.

These are a few shots of my delicious & not as junky lunch of seasweed salad, a Philadelphia roll & some golden fried scrumptiously greasy beef dumplings.

After lunch, I made a mad dash to my 1st meeting & made it one time & best of all, I was not farting like crazy through the afternoon like I had been over the previous days.