I saw this clip on YouTube tonight & thought it was pretty interesting to say the least. While watching I was thinking about how the interviewer was all robotic & artificial she looking. If she was interviewing me like that, I think I would have slapped her & told to stop looking so damn crazy.

Then I tripped when the author said that “perhaps” Thomas Jefferson sired children by slaves. I was like bitch please, you & everybody else knows damn well that he was taking what he wanted from his hot “seductress” property; after all they “wanted” to fuck Massa anyway (not).

Lastly, I started thinking about the female in the book having that immaculate Black baby. I know this book is a work of fiction but we are all to familiar with real life incidents when pretty wifey goes looking for some Black dick to satisfy her “primal urges”.

Actually my last thought made me think about that movie “Far From Heaven” where Julianne Moore tried to get her pussy sugar walls busted by Dennis Haysbert. If you have not seen this flick, you should check it out because it is really good & the story is off the hook.

So anyway, what do you think about this; is it genetically possible, could the woman have some secret Black family that passed & she never knew or did she did she give a piece to Ray Ray?

PS: What are African American features? Are African American features any different from other Africans on the continent or in the Diaspora? This is another reason why I hate the term African American?