When I am a little down & ain’t got shit else to do, I either work in Flash or Photoshop on something that will turn my attitude around. So I guess you can say that the artist in me only comes out when it rains.

So today when I got to the crib, I dropped down to my office & got busy creating the image below.

When I work on I have to have my music going so to get things off to a good start, I jammed to some Odetta. Actually, I was not totally jamming to Odetta because she really only has 1 song that I love & that’s “Another Man Done Gone”.

Begin Rant Now/
I think “Another Man Done Gone” needs to be the new national song played every time a Black Man get locked up in prison on some bullshit charged later to be freed 28 years later when DNA results surface. Or maybe we can play it when another Black man gets beat or killed by another Brother or worse, by the Po-Po who supposed to be protecting our asses.
/End Rant Now

This is my 1st attempt at a “product/software” box & I am really excited about the end result. Needless to say I am out of my funk & basking in the glow of self gratification (not that type of gratification; you know you nasty mind-ded).

While I was putting this together I was listening to a new favorite house jam by Kerri Chandler called “I Think of You (Reprise)”. I got the song like 2 weeks ago but did not listen to it good until today & like a mad man, I listened to it like 12 times back to back (yes I counted, I told you I was crazy before). If you are a house head (a real one) then I know you know that Kerri is the bomb & has something for every mood.

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If you are felling this design with both hands, you can cop the wallpaper for your computer.

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