Mindspill Last Thursday after a stressful day @ work, I headed for the movies to decompress & enjoy to enjoy somebody else’s drama so I could feel better about my life.

I decided to see “Perfect Stranger” starring Halle Berry & Bruce Willis. The previews looked pretty intriguing so I was hoping that this was not going to be a let down & waste of my 7.25 & 2 hours.

As I was walking up to give my ticket to the ticket taker, he asked me what I was going to see, so I told him & he said, “I heard that it sucks but I hope you enjoy it”. I was like, what kind of shit is that to say (in my mind). I guess I should have figured he had issues anyway with his jet black hair, smokey eye make up & blue finger nails, you know, one of the “Gothic” white guys.

So now I am perched in my comfy seat shoving popcorn down my pie hole & waiting for the movie to start.

Before I move forward, I need to confess that while I was on my way to the movies, I was hoping that Halle had a Black love interest in this film & if she was going to fuck anyone it was a Black gut who would fuck the shit out of her & represent for all the Brothers who wished they were in that position (no pun intended).

Without giving to many details away, I got my wish but I was let down because homeboy pulled some foul shit & I got pissed off, took it personally then applied to real life situations & was like that is why we (Black men) get dogged by our women. Enough about that, you will have to see it to get the full picture.

The movie went along at a smooth pace & really had many of the elements that I look for in a suspense drama: sex, multiple murders, drugs & a twisted plot that makes me say damn!

I have so/so feelings about Bruce Willis & his acting skills. He just always seems so sleazy in the roles that he plays. In this film, he was sleazy but there was something about him that made me not as turned off even though he was a real mutha fucka in this movie.

Halle Berry’s role as Rowena was very convincing & she really had her shit together for this role. She was strong willed, demanding & sexy all at the same time.

One character in the film that actually made the whole thing work was Miles played by Giovanni Ribisi. He was Rowena’s I guess best friend, road dog & not so secret admirer who had some pretty dark secrets of his own, which really took the story on a spin.

One thing I found interesting about the movie, is by the time it was over, I could not figure out who the real protagonist/antagonist was as the good & bad kinda shifted between 4 characters.

If you need a real life drama escape, I suggest checking out this film. It almost a cross between “Jade”, “Basic Instinct” & “Juice”, so you gotta see it to figure out my movie combo.
What I Loved:

  • The Busting of the Gay Senator
  • The Wall Fuck Scene
  • All of the scenes with Gina, She was funny as hell
  • When Rowena found the sick shrine & S&M videos
  • Rowena’s Sexy Red Dress
  • The Plot Unraveling & Finale Murder
  • Watching Josie keep the office hoes in check

What Turned Me Off:

  • Seeing Grace’s Corpse
  • Some of the internet sex chat
  • When Cameron got busted in a bold face lie, he really fucked up
  • The incestuous flashbacks

Advertised Synopsis:

Ace New York Courier reporter Rowena Price (Halle Berry) will do anything to get her story—even if it verges on the unethical. After her plans to out a U.S. senator’s homosexual relationship with an intern are thwarted, Price’s next chance at a big scoop falls right into her lap. When her friend Grace (Nicky Lynn Aycox) is found murdered, the main suspect is revealed to be Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis), a philandering high-powered ad exec with a very jealous wife. With some help from her right-hand tech guru, Miles (Giovanni Ribisi), Rowena goes undercover as a temp at Hill’s agency, where her own good looks are bound to draw Hill closer to her, taking her to the facts behind Grace’s murder.
Back to me:

I just read a few reviews before posting this & critics are ripping this film a new one. I feel bad for liking it but it is what it is. I stand by my recommendation.

Since this weekend, Perfect Stranger stands in 9th place in box office results & has grossed $18, 072,926 while being showed on 2661 screens in the US (source)

See the trailer here