Mindspill When I 1st reading the story below, I was like wow; these slavery regrets/apologies are happening like once a week!

I’m happy that “they” (in the larger sense) are finally starting to fucking recognize but what do all of these apologies really mean?

Are these apologies going to really right wrongs, are they going to make Negroes feel loved & what are they going to change current conditions that exist because of the sins of “their” forefathers?

So you can imagine that I am thinking restitutions & if you are, that you are a smart mutha!

I am not necessarily thinking of cash as I think that the average Negro will just fuck the money up & get a new Caddy or Lexus etc. Come on you know it.

What I am thinking is more along the lines of some type of tuition program for college at the very least.

This story talks about how “our” ancestors built the University of Virginia & worked slaved there for 46 mutha fuckin’ years.

I wonder when Alabama, Louisiana & Mississippi will make their apologies for slavery & aggressive Jim Crow support etc. You know what my last statement made me think of Nina Simone’s Mississippi Goddam.

“…Alabama’s gotten me so upset
Tennessee made me lose my rest
And everybody knows about Mississippi Goddam…

…You don’t have to live next to me
Just give me my equality
Everybody knows about Mississippi
Everybody knows about Alabama
Everybody knows about Mississippi Goddam…”

You know what, I just had to check my facts right quick & Alabama has “approved” an apology for slavery this past Tuesday (story here)

What are you thinking about these apologies & will “America” ever be able to reconcile for the decades of torture of Africans in America?
U.Va. shows its regret for slavery
By Jamie C. Ruff
Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

The University of Virginia’s governing board has adopted a resolution expressing regret for the school’s use of slaves, including those “anonymous laborers” who constructed its first buildings.

The resolution, unanimously passed by U.Va.’s board of visitors on April 13 — the 264th birthday of school founder Thomas Jefferson — expresses the school’s “particular regret” for its use of slaves from 1819 until 1865. The university opened in 1825.

School officials believe their board is the first to pass such a resolution.

“The board expresses its particular regret for the employment of enslaved persons in these years and . . . expresses as well its profound respect for the contributions of these women and men, by whose ingenuity and labor much of what is now admired at the university as a national and world treasure came to be,” the resolution reads in part.

The board was inspired by the Virginia General Assembly, which in February passed a resolution of profound regret for the state’s role in slavery, said Thomas Farrell, rector of U.Va’s board of visitors.

It also was following up on U.Va’s erection of a memorial stone at the Rotunda that recognized the role slaves played in constructing the signature building and the Lawn, he said.

The resolution also declares that the board is re-committing itself to the “principles of equal opportunity and to the principle that human freedom and learning” are inextricably linked in Virginia and the United States.

“It is very important to us . . . not just to look back but recognize the commitment of the administration that all types of people are treated fairly for now and in the future,” Farrell said.

Warren M. Thompson, chairman of the board’s special committee on diversity and whose great-great-grandfather was born into slavery and lived about 20 miles from Charlottesville, said some board members considered the resolution well overdue. (Read more here)