It’s 4:50pm & I am pulling off the freeway downtown Detroit headed towards one of my favorites haunts; the Centaur Bar (I know it seems like I am always there).

The plan for the evening was to meet it up ChelleBoo & Gina X for after work cocktails then I was off to promote the AB & the Souljourners concert out & about town with my girl Zana (who happens to be the party’s organizer).

So I get closer to the CB & like what the fuck is all this traffic, then I realize that there were no black faces in any of the crowds, which made me realize that it must be a Tiger’s baseball game & you know what, I was right. Parking was tight & I managed to get a good spot on the streets. I just refuse to pay for parking downtown. I am a fucking native so coming out of the pocket is just not going to happen.

I am now perched at the bar & ordered a French 75, which began my personal party until the others arrived. It’s now 5:58pm & my phone goes off & it was Gina X telling me she was on her way with the rest of the gang, which is when I told her that there was a Tigers game so the bottom line was that she did not make it until 6:40ish after funding a parking spot, for which she had paid 20 fucking dollars for.

Once we ordered a round of drinks, Gina X invited to me Cutter’s for some din-din & I had to break the news that they were my 5-7 appointment (only) & I had some other shit going on. Then GinaX told me that others were meeting up at Cutter’s & that they were expecting me (shit!). How was I going to work that out when I was hooking up with Zana @ 7.

Now it is 7:08 GinaX & em’ are off to Cutter’s & Zana calls me after she leaves her shop (Spectacles) to tell me that she was on her way. Minutes later she arrives, we revamped the plans to include Cutter’s, downed the last drinks & bounced. Minutes later we arrived at Cutter’s (which BTW is a little chilled bar & restaurant in Detroit’s historical Eastern Market) & it seemed dark & seedy, not really my style but I am willing to try most things once.

We get inside it seemed cool & kinda like a modern juke joint. The crowd was adult & the smell of deep fried foods took over my body & all of the sudden I was starving.

After talking shit & eating everyone elses food (me) Zana & I bounced to commence the evening of stomping the club scene. Wait before I left, invited everyone over for a Saturday BBQ (what the fuck was I thinking by doing that).

After Zana & I left Cutters, we hit 6 parties up/downtown passed out 100’s of flyers & I would have the biggest contact buzz, I ever had in my life.

I got home around 3 & crashed like a mutha.

Woke on Saturday with the biggest headache ever & then I tossed my cookies. I’m like why am I so hung over? I only had a few drinks & did not have anything to drink after 7, no that not true, I had a glass of Champagne but still. I was thinking someone slipped me a mickey some how some way. Since I planned this damn BBQ, I had to work past my hangover to pull to cook & I am happy that Suite Suzy was there to help me pick up the pieces.

The BBQ was big fun although I burned the chicken (a little). Everyone that showed up & the Centaur & Cutters admitted to waking up with a banging headache but none as bad as mine, what the fuck.

At the BBQ ChelleBoo & GinaX told Suite Suzy how off the hook I was at Cutter’s & of course I denied everything cuz I knew they were talking shit so I defended myself. Then ChelleBoo, was like wait nigga, I got the pictures to prove it. She pulled out the camera & I lost the case, I was off the hook. We all laughed, actually they lauged at me & my cooning

So to wrap this boring personal post, the concert is in 6 days & I am pretty excited about it.

Below are a few snapshots from outing. I know you don’t know who the hell these people are but I love to share.

In the words of the poet rapper DJ Quick:

Wake up Saturday morning and I got a headache. I can’t believe that I’m sick from all the shit that I drank *last nite*. Soon as I felt it comin on I should quit, it’s true that a drunk ain’t shit. To the man up above, the whole thanks I give. I’ll never drink again if you just let me live.

Contact Buzz Revelation:

I learned that there was so much weed smoke on Friday because it was 4•20. 4•20 was of course the date & 4•20 is also a cal to action for weed smokers. I had never heard this before & found it really interesting.

If you are interested in getting the history behind 4•20 check it out here.