Mindspill As you know (or should know) I am the proud founder of Quench Essentials & our webstore launched just last month (you heard it here 1st). So I just want to do another shameless plug & update.

Since the launch of our webstore; traffic to our site has been wild & sales have been steady (I am happy & blessed to say). Many of my blogging buddies have given my awesome feedback that shows me that all of the hard work done by Suite Suzy, Cousin Dee & TB Emily is so worth it!

Hear is what some of my favorite Bloggers had to say:

Afrobella ~ One of my afrofellas, Bygbaby came to the rescue. He’s just come out with a line of products called Quench Essentials. If you’re like me and you love supporting small businesses by good people, you should check it out!

I was lucky enough to sample the MinTea Spa Soak, but at first I was worried. We now live in a home that doesn’t have a bath tub, so I haven’t been able to enjoy bath salts or bubble baths at all this year…

MinTea smells exactly as you’d imagine it would — minty fresh and good. I like it, and for $7 you get enough for several uses. I followed up my foot soak with a little scrubbing (the HoMedics bubbler comes with a little foot-shaped exfoliating brush, loofah, and sponge set. Very cute!), and then I really spoiled my aching dogs with Quench Essentials Elbows, Knees & Toes.

It’s a thick, buttery blend of shea, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. The Sweet Butter scent is light, soothing, and very pleasant…

Cluziel ~ I got my order of Quench Essentials from BygBaby (aka. Tafari) and I am in love! Since I am a NYC girl I usually swear by my pure shea butter that I buy in Harlem…but I really love the light feel of the body moose. I am not a huge fragrance person so I have the “naked” Body Moose…and I use it everyday now…

Daez ~ I’m considered an excellent Mixtress and toiletry maker…I normally don’t bother using OPP (other people’s products) because…well frankly, I can make anything THEY can make myself (LOL)!!… However, I have a vested interest in Quench Essentials because one of my favorite people Tafari, better and aka known as Bygbaby is the owner and creator of these products…I was curious about all of his products, but the mousse fragranced with “Bamboo” sounded extra yummy, so that’s the one I decided to check out…

I knew Tafari was gonna have a good product…but I was doubly pleased because it’s sooo rich and creamy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fragrance!!!

Creyole ~ Brother Locked Bygbaby introduced his new online store and since I’m always in the market for new body moisturizers. I ordered the “Naked” & “Earth” Body Mousse. As soon as I received it in the mail, which by the way was received two days after ordering. I popped open the bottle and used both of them right after showering. I love the natural feel of the mousse and I especially like the Earth.. For some strange reason, I thought Naked would be some kind of aphrodisiac aroma but I guess I was over thinking the product (Christians can have fun too!). But instead, it’s exactly what it says… “Naked” meaning it does not interfere with your daily fragrances but still feels great on your skin.

Lyrically Speaking ~ I received the body mousse “sweet butter” and “naked” today. I tried the sweet butter which melts sweetly on my skin, it’s not dry and the scent is incredibly soothing.
Thanks to all of you showing love & support to my business, that gives you the best of what nature has to offer. If you have not ordered; what the hell are you waiting for? Take advantage of this 10% off discount.

The coupon code is mindspill93QE, which is good through April 20th.